The Hundred Dresses: Day 65

Another Vogue 9929 … I made this one for a holiday party last year. You know sometimes when you wake up and think “I have nothing to wear to [EVENT TONIGHT]!”, and you sigh and make the best of it? Yeah, I never do that. If there’s at least four hours between me and [EVENT] I will make a new dress.
silk shantung 9929

I have had this fabric for probably a decade. I bought a grab-bag of silk shantung from an ad in the back of a magazine (maybe Threads?) years ago, and I think made maybe ONE thing out of the ten or so short yardage pieces I got.
silk shantung 9929 bodice

The zip is a bit off, but I was running out the door and couldn’t fix it:
silk shantung 9929 side zip

Also, I forgot to allow for extra hem depth because the fabric is so lightweight, so I ended up using some ball-chain trim as a hem weight. Works okay, and if it shows, it looks almost intentional!
silk shantung 9929 hem weighting
Here’s the back:
silk shantung 9929 back

I ended up wearing this with a bright fuchsia cardigan, festive but slightly less all-out Christmassy than red. And it was a great party!

3 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 65

  1. great!
    years (10?) ago i sewed me a wrap bombshell dress from exactly the same fabric in exactly this green – my favorite green 🙂
    but its long gone – this silk was not very sturdy…….


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