The Hundred Dresses: Day 89

This is no longer a mystery dress pattern — it is Advance 6675 So that’s settled.
balloon Advance 6675


It has that nice deep shaping pleat in the front:

balloon Advance 6675 bodice

Which I didn’t quite match:

balloon Advance 6675 bodice tuck


Side zip, eh. At this point I almost feel that if you’ve seen one of my side zips, you’ve seen them all:

balloon Advance 6675 side zip


Pocket lining, very boring:

balloon Advance 6675 pocket


And the back:

balloon Advance 6675

This is definitely another of the dresses that maintains its place in my hoard solely because the fabric is wonderful. I love those little balloon-wielding Keystone Kops dudes …


7 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 89

  1. actually, this is one of my favorites. why? that “V” neckline with CF darts is really flattering, along with the circle-ish skirt. then there’s the mini-print on a clean white background….it’ll be 100 here in so cal today and I could really see myself wearing this dress!


  2. I’ve so much enjoyed these posts of (nearly) 100 dresses that, as we approach their completion, I’m anxiously casting about for your next blog project. (Do you need my help for this?)

    My idea is this: have you sewn samples of the dress styles that are featured in your book? Perhaps not all 100 but…37? 68? Whatever, that would make a delicious visual methadone for those of us whom you’ve addicted.


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