The Hundred Dresses: Day 90

Another mystery dress, I’m afraid:

mystery floral dress

Seriously, I have no idea about this one. Don’t remember the pattern, don’t remember the fabric, don’t remember what occasion it was made for. Nada. If I drank I’d be worried that this was the product of some sewing blackout:

mystery dress bodice

Center front seam — but no facing or fastening to justify it! The mystery continues:

mystery dress front bodice seam

Placket zipper, so probably before 2008:

mystery dress side zip

Seams are way off:
mystery dress waist seam

And the whole back:

mystery dress back

I’m not even sure why I kept this, I’m not even that enamored of the fabric. The whole thing is a puzzlement.

3 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 90

  1. I would bet that the center front seam is a result of trying to make the bodice from limited fabric after having first cut out the skirt pieces in a flurry of enthusiasm. At least that’s what would happen to me.


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