The Hundred Dresses: Day 100

And so we come to the end … the Duro! The Duro is actually one of the Hundred Dresses in The-Hundred-Dresses-the-book, and it’s named for Duro Olowu, who designed it. I fell in love … found a reasonable facsimile … and I made it a lot. To wit:

I don’t know if I ever posted this one:
70s Duro

70s Duro sleeve band

70s Duro back

This next one has some video:
Liberty Duro

Liberty Duro stripes (almost) matching

Liberty Duro back

There’s this one:
Japanese Duro

Japanese Duro sleeve band

Japanese Duro back

Then I started making them shorter:
Liberty short Duro

Liberty Duro band

Liberty Duro back

Liberty Mark Duro

Liberty Mark Duro back

And this one:

Liberty First Prize Duro

Liberty First Prize Duro back

Liberty First Prize Duro closeup

(Those last three and the green one above? All Liberty.)

This one has two posts (the second one is a play):
mixed silk Duro

I have never gotten over how nicely these two prints matched, considering I bought them ages apart and in different places:
mixed silk Duro band closeup

mixed silk Duro back

And, of course, the Vader Duro:

Vader Duro

Vader Duro close-up

Vader Duro back

Vader Duro closeup

(Plus there’s this one and this one, and this one, none of which I even have any more, and the one I’m wearing in this video, which I know I still have but I never wear anymore, because I wore it in that video. Crazy.)

I will post some wrapups after this loooooong series … I know there are questions in the comments that have gone unanswered, plus there’s all sorts of statistical fun to be had, and of course a “closet picture” and some dresses that maybe didn’t make the cut for the full 100 … but if you’ve liked this series, may I ask that you perhaps consider picking up the book that inspired it? If you have already, and enjoyed it, I’d love to see your review, and of course it makes a lovely present for just about anyone …

Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments and fun links you’ve shared, too!

31 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 100

  1. I enjoyed listening to the Ted talk – you should totally wear that dress again because the color combo is fantastic. It was also fun hearing your voice – you sounded more southern at the beginning of the talk than I imagined. And that’s a great thing!


  2. Thank you for this whole series. Though a first-time commenter, I have loved seeing your many dresses. Your work inspires me to sew more multiples of favorite patterns in a variety of fabrics. (And today’s poem is especially nice.)


  3. It is interesting to hear Erin’s actual voice instead of the one I hear in my head when I read the blog. Loved seeing the dress in the video too. This is my favorite blog because it is smart and funny.


  4. So many beautiful dresses – and just in this post! So many fun ones, so much colour and texture. It’s been a triumph, I thank you.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dresses, Erin. It was so much fun seeing a new dress (or more) each day! Very inspiring and I am now going to sew my own Duro!


  6. I’m a little sad the series is over-I’ve enjoyed this a lot (and am looking forward to the closet picture!).
    Re the Duros- I love them all but my favourites are always the ones with a print background and the ‘trim’ around the neck, waist and wrists a solid colour.


  7. We can’t be at the end. Bravo and more. You do have the smartest, best written blog on any subject anywhere on the Interwebs. Pardon my gluttony, but what’s next? Oh, and a big thanks. I looked forward to every one of the hundred posts as a pause at work or a surprise at the end of the day.


  8. Woohoo! And we come to the end of this very entertaining (and educational!) series. Thanks so much for your faithful posting each day!


  9. Sad to come to the end. How about “The Next Hundred Dresses?” Your book is delightful, and even valuable, but I would have preferred it illustrated with photos. Of course it would be a nightmare to obtain the rights…


  10. I have so enjoyed ever single day of the 100 Dresses. I will miss knowing there would be a daily post, but after 100 days, you deserve a rest. I bought the Duro and Duro Junior patterns after having seen your posts in the past although I have yet to make them up.


  11. I have so enjoyed every single day of the 100 Dresses. I will miss knowing there would be a daily post, but after 100 days, you deserve a rest. I bought the Duro and Duro Junior patterns after having seen your posts in the past although I have yet to make them up.


  12. Boy, that was no Cali girl voice at the beginning of the video! I was not expecting a y’all out of you!! Loved today’s poem, and loved, loved the series. Thank you for doing this. It helped me to get out of a sewing funk and get some things done that have been sitting in bags for far too long. Even though I didn’t look everyday, I did look at all 100+ dresses and read all the comments. I am waiting for my book to arrive tomorrow. I can hardly wait! Again, thank you….


  13. I have read every day of your 100 Dresses, most of them on the day of the post, and I can only say I wish I had 100 dresses in my closet! It is making me rethink what I need in my wardrobe – I changed to a work-at-home job about two years ago, and some of those breezy dresses look just right.


  14. I don’t comment often but I just have to say I have greatly enjoyed this series.

    In this group the blue and green is my favorite. I also really like the paisley and the one right after it.


  15. Wonderful series of dresses! Thank you for the daily inspiration. I will miss seeing one each day but maybe that will spur me on to making more of my own! I plan on buying the book soon!


  16. Thanks for all the interesting dresses!

    And, following the authority on the language of flowers, Mme Charlotte de Latour (Louise Cortambert), from her 1819 first edition of Le Langage des Fleurs: a bouquet of rose acacia (elegance) and lemon balm (humor) for your charming TED talk.

    Beverly Seaton


  17. So lovely to see this big round-up of gorgeous dresses for your final post of the 100 Dresses…though I’d say it’s more like 100+ dresses — so many to gaze at each day! I’ve really enjoyed seeing the patterns you chose and how you individualized each one. So inspiring.


  18. What fun this has been! I started reading Dress a Day during the Duro period. I was hoping you would get to those. I have loved every day of the 100 days. Thank you for doing this. It has been a joy.


  19. I’ve very much enjoyed the journey of a 100 (+) dresses. You’ve inspired me to haul out the fabric stash, clean my sewing machine, and, after 20 years, begin sewing again. (You might have even inspired me to begin wearing dresses again.) Thank you so much for this!


  20. This (final) Day 100 post is like a Fourth of July fireworks finale —> KABOOM! KAPOW! EXPLOSIONS-ALL-OVER-THE-SKY-ALL-AT-ONCE! Loved it. And what a terrific, thoroughly enlightening, hilarious romp it has been through your obsessively wrought vintage dress wardrobe. I’ve learned a ton. I’ve laughed till I snotted all over my keyboard. Can’t thank you enough Erin. Salut!


  21. Huzzah! This is the dress (the other version, that is) that I saw in the TED video, which along with, you know, watching the actual talk made me want to look up your blog and what do you know? Not only did I find Lasers Optional (because really, it’s all about the words first!) but I also found your dress-a-day site, and I realized I’d already read one of your books. Serendipitous! Thanks for all you share. I look forward to perusing your archive.


  22. Beautiful, even years after you posted them! I particularly love the brown/maroon paisley. Of course, you probably need some more patterns, so – McCall’s has reissued the Duro dress pattern; it’s #7624.


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