Today's Pattern Story



Red: I’m going to win this Resolute Courageous Stare-Off if it is the last thing I do. I have purpose! I have wistful yet restrained yearning! I have a jaunty angle to my neck facings! I have dark, resolute gloves and a sensible yet stylish handbag, which almost certain includes war bonds! The trophy (and Captain Harding) is mine!

Green: I really wish I’d worn my glasses today. I can’t see a darn thing.

12 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story

  1. I Love the dress and I have an extra pair of glasses I could loan Green…you know like those extra reading glasses anyone can use. Loved the Dress a Day Series…thanks so much for an enjoyable view of your collection! -r-


  2. That is such a pretty pattern. Looks just like something my mother would have worn when she was a young mother. And her waist was so teeny tiny! And I know I remember playing with that handbag! Either I had a toy one like it or played my mom’s old one.


  3. Always beautifully observed, Erin. Thanks for that dose of smile.
    I love the bold diagonal use of check on Miss Green. Now, what’s with the very tiny feet? Compare with the size of the hands.


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