Paisley, Why Not?

So here’s a dress I made a while back but haven’t posted yet.

giant paisley frankendress front

The bodice is from 1577, again. The skirt is the skirt from W3, so essentially, it’s the same dress as this one. But different. The fabric is from Mood; it was a bit on the pricey side, but then again I think their fabric is usually a bit on the pricey side …

giant paisley frankendress bodice


Here you can see the black bias tape I used to finish the sleeves (also the neck):

giant paisley frankendress side zip


And here’s the back:

giant paisley frankendress back

It’s a remarkably comfortable dress … I have been wearing it quite a bit.

Oh, also, while I’m thinking about it — I recently updated this blog to a new version of WordPress and a few folks are having trouble getting to the most recent posts. I’m hoping this post gives WordPress a kick and wakes it up …


4 thoughts on “Paisley, Why Not?

  1. Such bright colors – perfect for the dreary, cold days we’ve been having here. And just so you know, WordPress hasn’t “woken up” yet. It seems to be stuck on your holiday dress. I have to go through comments and to “next post” in order to get to your latest creations. I thought you had left us!!! 😦


  2. I too haven’t been able to get any posting since the party dress post on Dec 15. And finally tonite I find I have missed almost a dozen posts and read them all. Discovered why I enjoy reading this blog and get to laugh out loud once in a while. Apparently whatever you did allowed it to come through!! THANKX


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