Kicking the tires

Hey, a new dress:
Altered Simplicity 5238

This is Simplicity 5238, with a few little changes. Mainly, pockets:

added pockets Simplicity 5238

I tried plain side-seam pockets first, but they hung badly, and lately I’ve been really into this style of pockets (inset? not actually sure what to call them). They can be a bit of a pain to add, especially if the skirt has pleats or gathers, but they’re worth the munging and hacking.

Here’s the pattern pieces (the dress above has v1):
pocket pieces

Oh I suppose you want to see the (badly pressed) back, huh? I don’t usually do a center back zipper, but:
back zip Simplicity 5238

I also had some fun with the neck and sleeve facings:
inner facings 2 Simplicity 5238

This is an incredibly comfortable dress — really easy to wear (especially with the deeper pockets). I have also made it in dark denim and am thinking about another color of denim, or maybe even liberating some of my stash of Liberty twill.

I’m also looking for a dress with similar lines to this one to make in softer fabrics, like silk — something with scoop pockets but gathers, I think, and a soft kimono-sleeved bodice. Anything come to mind? (Remember, I’m awfully lazy and hate drafting things …)

(Also! This is the first post at my  new blog host, the very very nice Highly recommended. With any luck this should solve some of the “stuck” posts issues and commenting problems … please let me know if not!)

11 thoughts on “Kicking the tires

  1. So far, so good. Like the dress, too. That’s been my favorite style of pocket lately. Easier to get into with my hands and it doesn’t seem to drag the line of the skirt down as much when I put stuff in the pockets. Now I need to stop on my way home from work and pick up some denim…


  2. Re: slant pockets
    I read on a sewing blog last year (can’t remember which one) that in France, slant pockets are called Italian pockets and in Italy they’re called French pockets.


  3. To fix this kind of pocket on RTW, I make a small centered tuck in the pocket edge, stitch for 1/2” to 1” from the edge toward the pocket bottom, and voila a little detail removing the excess on the pocket edge!! Works every time.


    • Sewing instructor Sandra Betzina recommends pin fitting your pocket pieces over a sewing ham, to mimic the curve of your hip. Manipulate the pocket and inset until they close smoothly — you’ll usually find that there’s a tiny wee wedge of fabric along the seam edge that needs to be removed, to make the pocket fit properly. Achieves the same effect, although it is probably more trouble than, Renita’s excellent solution to the “pocket gaposis” problem.


  4. Hey Erin, Saw this dress in person at the BA Sewists meetup. It was fabulous. I know its creepy to say, but thought you looked familar, I have been reading your blog for years! See you next month, Sarah


  5. […] This bodice is the one from my old friend Simplicity 1577, minus the collar, plus this new heavily-altered Simplicity 5238 skirt that I am obsessed with. (You can see yet another version here.) […]


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