Today's Pattern Story (and sale): Butterick 5832



Yes, it is a nice day. Isn’t it?

Yes, I am glad that I came out to the club with you and “the boys”.

Yes, it’s good to get out of the office and do a little informal business.

Yes, I’m a good sport not to be offended that they wouldn’t let me golf. Or wear trousers. Or drive the golf cart. Or sit in the dining room. Or park my car in the parking lot. Or come in the front door.

Yes, Danny’s a riot. Absolutely a scream. That joke about women lawyers? That must always have them in stitches at his firm.

Yes, I do make a great cup of coffee. That *is* one of my many excellent work qualifications, in addition to being editor of the law review and my Supreme Court clerkship.

Yes, I am imagining you all dying of massive coronaries as you grunt and smoke and drink and make unnecessary comments about my ass. (Yes, I can hear you.)

No, I didn’t say that last thing out loud.


Today’s pattern is from MOMSPatterns … and Jen is having a sale! She has more than 400 clearance patterns under $5, and they’re 75% off THAT with the code ‘bigsale’ until April 5. And she’s throwing in 15% off all OTHER patterns for the month of April  just for Dress A  Day readers (no foolin’!). Use the code ‘sewingbasket’.

8 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story (and sale): Butterick 5832

  1. If only we had no idea what this was about – that this topic was as historical as the Hittite empire . . . .

    Also evidence that models being waaayy too thin is nothing new.


  2. See, I thought someone snapped a photo of this poor woman in her bathrobe when she went out to get the morning paper!


  3. You nailed it. That was me when I started my career. I was grateful to have gotten in the door. Oh the stories I could tell… But by the end, I had the last laugh. So worth it.
    p.s. Thanks for your wonderful site.


  4. “That *is* one of my many excellent work qualifications, in addition to being editor of the law review and my Supreme Court clerkship.”

    And sadly, that was and is the reality for many women. Not an April Fool’s joke.


  5. This reminds me of a dress that I made back in 1976 … a few years ago out of Navy blue crepe. It was one of my favorite dresses. Without the belt, it could be a maternity dress and it was in 1977.


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