Winging It



Sorry for the white-on-white image here, but behold the triumphant future-weird that is the BurdaStyle Wings Dress.

I kind of love it. A lot. Maybe because the wings are FULL OF POCKET, but probably mostly because I’ve always wanted a carapace. (Tell the truth: you do too.)

This would be a fantastic dress in black, with iridescent green organza wings. Or red, with red-and-black polka-dotted wings. If you extended the skirt length and made the wings of silver lamé, you’d have a great shot at a Space Empress dress (or two: try it in a holographic laminate print). The possibilities: literally without end.

5 thoughts on “Winging It

  1. I actually really like the idea of this dress. At 5’1 and 175lbs, there’s no way I could pull this off without looking seriously pregnant, but I really like the lines on this, and can imagine it in at least a handful of solids & prints.


  2. Erin, sometimes you just crack me up. Yes, this dress would make a fantabulous “Space Empress” dress in green with iridescent overlay. It’s so tempting, especially since I happen to have said fabrics in my stash…. I found a quilting cotton with computer keyboard print and immediately thought of you (and purchased sufficient fabric to create an amusing dress!)


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