Today's Pattern Story: Simplicity 2095



Amelia: So you want to oversell it.  Try this: “Oh, WOE, WOE, WOE is me!”

Cecelia: And that really works? It seems … undignified.

Amelia: You’d be surprised. I’ve gotten out of two speeding tickets and a school fundraising dinner!

Cecelia: SOLD.


(Today’s pattern from Etsy seller studioGpatterns.)

3 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Simplicity 2095

  1. You know, if you made that in black with the right shade of red, yellow, or blue for the contrast, you would have a pretty stylish Starfleet uniform.


  2. Oh, Holli, you’re right! Only you’d have to shorten the skirt quite a bit. What does the back look like? Does the shoulder wrap over with that buttoned flap on the top of the sleeve, or is it a tab that buttons on both front and back?


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