2015 Plaidurday Dress

Plaidurday was more than a week ago, so I suppose I should post my Plaidurday dress (no spoilers!):

2015 Plaidurday dress

This fabric is a cotton/linen blend; I bought the last 2.75 yards from Fabric Mart Fabrics (sorry).

Plaid dress bodice

Piped pockets, of course:

piped pockets

Zipper and side-seam matching:

plaid dress side seam

I really like the bold stripe down the shoulder:

plaid dress shoulder

This picture really shows you the linen-y texture of the fabric:

plaid dress shoulder piping

And the back:

plaid dress back//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

I’m really into plaid for autumn/winter, and especially dark plaids, so I was happy to find this fabric — dark in color, but light in weight, perfect for autumn-in-San-Francisco-that’s-really-summer. What fabrics or patterns are you dreaming about for autumn?

8 thoughts on “2015 Plaidurday Dress

  1. Looks great! I love the piped pockets and that you apologized to (the air) for taking the last of the fabric on that bolt. I’m sure you actually pleased the store. The fabrics I “dream” about for autumn? I hadn’t really thought of it for clothing, but browns with deep orange along with it. I like plaids fine, but I’ve been eyeing small print for fall skirts.


  2. I thought that first pic showed flocked taffeta! Glad it didn’t; I like linen better.
    Dream fabric this fall? Pale gray wool twill, a long-ish wrap skirt with applique’ autumn leaves on the hem and overlap, possibly in cotton “batik” prints . . . I’m accumulating the batiks; maybe I’ll have it by next fall.


  3. Wow. I have this pattern and have been pondering this very construction. The plaid placement from front to back with the sleeve is well thought out. Plaid enthusiasts in my family salute you!


  4. This is lovely in the linen fabric, easy to transition through the seasons. My dream fabric is a caramel suede, I would love to find the perfect one and make a sixties inspired shift dress.
    Cheers, Michele


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