Finally, gingko

black cotton poplin with print of large gingko leaves in purple, blue, yellow, orange, and gray
gingko fabric!

The fabric above is from MaaiDesign in Australia (the actual fabric designer is Alicia Marshall from Winding Road Design Studio), and I CANNOT WAIT for it to arrive. I have been obsessing about gingko fabric basically forever (really, forever) and this is better than I could have hoped for, to wit:

  • cotton poplin
  • black background
  • multicolored leaves

Plus the shipping was … reasonable? for something coming from Australia?

Since we’re moving (imminently!) I had a fabric purchase moratorium in place but I made an emergency declaration and managed to get this one in under the wire. I may be throwing the parcel into the last box to be sealed (well, depending on shipping speed) but I was not going to miss out on ACTUAL GINGKO FABRIC.

Also, while you’re here: quick purge update! There are still a few dresses left, and since I realistically can’t buy any more fabric until at least June, I’ll be donating all the proceeds of the purge (net of shipping) to relief efforts for Ukraine and trans rights orgs. So grab the last dresses while you can, I’ll officially declare the purge done on 1 May!

2 thoughts on “Finally, gingko

  1. I’m obsessed with ginkgo leaves and things shaped like them so I can understand why you needed this. I’m sitting here trying to figure out what I could do with it myself…


  2. Ah another thing we have in common! I’m always on the lookout for a good ginkgo print. Now that I’m sewing on the regular I even have a reason to acquire some. After I finish the next couple of projects…


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