2022 Purge Accounting

Well, my move is complete (…ish, so many more boxes of books to unpack!) and since the world is on fire, it’s time to tally up the dress purchases and send out the donations!

You lovely people bought 38 dresses (there are 39 marked off on the spreadsheet but I discovered one had a grease spot and needed to go to the ragbag instead) for a grand total of US$760.

I decided to split the donation into three parts, one for trans rights, one for abortion funds, and one for Ukraine.

Thanks for helping me find new homes for these dresses and send a little money to the folks fighting for us all to be safe and free.

5 thoughts on “2022 Purge Accounting

  1. A grease spot is merely occasion to apply dish detergent straight to the fabric, then toss it in the regular wash. Dawn is the canonical standard, but all of them work well on grease and none contain bleach, so there you go


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