The Hundred Dresses: Day 68

Okay, here’s the other Simplicity 2180 I made, from the vintage bicycle fabric I wrote about here:

vintage bicycle Simplicity 2180


The piping is far more even on this one:

vintage bicycle Simplicity 2180 bodice


At the midriff, too:

vintage bicycle Simplicity 2180  midriff


A few little stitches here I have to clean up:

vintage bicycle Simplicity 2180 back neck piping


But unfortunately here is the real problem — I started the side zipper too low, and the bodice was too tight, so — disaster:

vintage bicycle Simplicity 2180 side zip damage


To fix this, I am going to have to take out the zipper and reinforce that weak spot with a patch, AND redo the side seam and piping on the OTHER side (in order to make it fit). Or just lose about 10 pounds. At this point, I’m not sure which would be easier. And did I mention that the fabric (being vintage) is a bit fragile? Just contemplating fixing this one makes me want to go lie down …

The Hundred Dresses: Day 67

This is a modern pattern, Simplicity 2180. (You might remember my rant about the trouble I had trying to buy it as a downloadable pattern.)

I did eventually buy the pattern (in a regular store) and make it, like so:
black roses Simplicity 2180 front

It’s fabric I bought about ten yards of (at $1/yard) down in LA years and years ago. I really like it, because I don’t REALLY like it, if that makes sense. It’s great fabric for making trial versions out of, because I am happy to wear the end result but not depressed if I have to wad the whole thing up and throw it away. (I should have bought 20 yards …)

I was slightly overambitious with this first trial version. You can read the original blog post about it here.
black roses Simplicity 2180  bodice


I do love the lines of this pattern, although I didn’t realize the top part of the bodice would be so stand-offy from the neck:

black roses Simplicity 2180 piping

Here’s the side zip:
black roses Simplicity 2180  side zip

And a closer view so you can see I still have basting thread I haven’t pulled out:
black roses Simplicity 2180 side zip closer


And the back piping, which I’m not happy with at all, but which is usually hidden under a cardigan, anyway.

black roses Simplicity 2180 back piping


Here’s the full back view:

black roses Simplicity 2180 back


I did make the dress one more time (just to be SURE) but on the whole I’m a bit “meh” about it. The skirt isn’t quite as full as I like (for full range of movement) and I ended up not liking the neckline as much as I thought I would. Oh well, live and learn. Maybe I need to make it one more time to be ABSOLUTELY sure. In pink gingham?