The Hundred Dresses: Day 68

Okay, here’s the other Simplicity 2180 I made, from the vintage bicycle fabric I wrote about here:

vintage bicycle Simplicity 2180


The piping is far more even on this one:

vintage bicycle Simplicity 2180 bodice


At the midriff, too:

vintage bicycle Simplicity 2180  midriff


A few little stitches here I have to clean up:

vintage bicycle Simplicity 2180 back neck piping


But unfortunately here is the real problem — I started the side zipper too low, and the bodice was too tight, so — disaster:

vintage bicycle Simplicity 2180 side zip damage


To fix this, I am going to have to take out the zipper and reinforce that weak spot with a patch, AND redo the side seam and piping on the OTHER side (in order to make it fit). Or just lose about 10 pounds. At this point, I’m not sure which would be easier. And did I mention that the fabric (being vintage) is a bit fragile? Just contemplating fixing this one makes me want to go lie down …

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