The Hundred Dresses: Day 34

Hey, did everyone see the nice piece in the Chronicle about The Hundred Dresses (the book)?

Today’s dress is also mentioned in the ur-9929 post. Here it is, semi-styled, with an actual accessory:
turquoise 9929, belt view

I really like the combo of that turquoise blue and red. Here’s a bodice view:
turquoise Vogue 9929 front

A back view:
turquoise Vogue 9929 back

And … the zipper, which is showing strain that I will blame on not having my dress form adjusted properly:

turquoise Vogue 9929 zipper

I would love to find more of this printed corded cotton … I have a sneaking suspicion it’s mostly used for upholstery, but it’s so nice to wear! Keeps its shape and stays cool at the same time … which is more than you can say for me, some days.

The Hundred Dresses: Day 33

I think this dress is the first Vogue 9929 I posted about:

seersucker stripe Vogue 9929

Here’s a less-blurry view of the fabric:
seersucker stripe Vogue 9929 bodice

The zipper here is doing its best. I somehow mis-adjusted my dress form while wrestling all these dresses off and onto it, and didn’t notice for a couple of dresses’ worth of photos … things in your browser may be looser than they appear.
seersucker stripe Vogue 9929 side zip

And the back:
seersucker stripe Vogue 9929 back

This one gets worn with a white cardigan (when necessary — it’s a hot-weather dress, for sure) and those red Keds again. (I like the red Keds since they are one of the colors Keds makes in the wider width, which is more comfortable. Seriously, Keds, when are you going to call me? I have all SORTS of ideas for you, and I’ll work for shoes.) I’ve also tried this with a green cardigan, to match the green stripe, but that overall effect is much too “Christmas in July!” for me.


The Hundred Dresses: Day 32

Happy Fourth of July/Independence Day, for those of you who celebrate it! I celebrate it, because today is also my wedding anniversary. (Happy 20th to my dear husband, hope you can put up with me for twenty more years …)

Here is a thematically-appropriate Vogue 9929:
dots Vogue 9929 front

This dress was a bit of a pain to put together, but it’s been really fun to wear. (I like to match it with a pale-blue cardigan and red Keds.)

dots Vogue 9929 bodice closeup

This zipper is pretty decent, maybe a B- (you may have figured out by now that I’m a harsh grader when it comes to zippers. But I really really prefer invisible zippers, so, goshdarnit, I’m gonna keep working until I get them all perfect. Or at least to B+ level.)
dots Vogue 9929 zipper

Here’s another bodice view — I wavered back and forth between thinking I wanted to center the bodice between rows of dots or on a single row of dots, and eventually went for between. I think maybe I should have gone single-row.
dots Vogue 9929 bodice 2

And the back:
dots Vogue 9929 back

I posted about this dress last year, too. Happy Fourth!

The Hundred Dresses: Day 31

This is another Vogue 9929 — I’ve posted a picture of me wearing it before.

This gingham one, in particular, is really easy to wear. It goes with just about everything (ok maybe not everything, but quite a lot of things).
black gingham Vogue 9929 front

That front view was a little out of focus, try the bodice view here:
black gingham Vogue 9929 bodice

Another C+ zipper:
black gingham Vogue 9929 zipper

And the back:
black gingham Vogue 9929 back

Every time I wear this dress I think, “man, I love gingham, I wish I had a gingham dress in every color.” I once had a beautiful brown-and-cream silk gingham dress made in this pattern, which was equally wearable. I think that gingham dress finally died when a pen exploded in my pocket. (Took me a long time to figure out that some of those early ink rollerballs didn’t combine well with pressurized airplane cabins … there were many casualties.)

This one is still going strong! Maybe I’ll wear it today …

The Hundred Dresses: Day 30

The key to this dress is … keys:
key print Vogue 9929 front

I posted about this one last October, and I’ve worn it tons since the beginning of warm weather this year:

key print Vogue 9929 bodice

I’m entranced by antique keys lately — and I’m not the only one. (I saw a really interesting dress in the windows of Columbia College weighted down with thirty pounds of keys — PDF here.) This fabric is still available in lots of places … this coral/peach colorway is nice, and this more ditsy/antiquey key print is nice, too.

The zipper here is slightly out of focus, but I think it’s about a B-:
key print Vogue 9929 zipper

And here’s the back:
Key print Vogue 9929 back

This is a fun dress to wear — it feels very summery, and the green is really bright. (Also, it goes nicely with my favorite gray Keds …) When I first made this dress I thought that the dark teal color in the print would make it work for cooler weather, but that really didn’t happen. This is definitely a hot-day dress (for me, at least).

Now that we’re a third of the way through (almost) the hundred dresses — how are people liking this series? Anything you’d like to see more (or less) of? Do you like a lot of the same dress pattern in a row, or would you like me to mix it up more? More detail? Less detail? Please let me know in the comments … and if you’ve read The Hundred Dresses-the-book and have an opinion, please feel free to review it on your favorite bookseller’s site …

The Hundred Dresses: Day 29

I do appreciate the irony of these next few photos being slightly out-of-focus:

Echino glasses Vogue 9929 front

Echino glasses 9929 bodice

This is another Vogue 9929, of course, and it’s in that heavy Japanese Echino fabric. I’ve only sewn with it a couple of times but I really like it. It’s easy to sew with and very comfortable to wear. The only downside is that the whites are all more on the “unbleached/ecru” side, so if you need your whites sparkling, Echino may not be the fabric for you. (It looks like a variant on this print is still available, too.)

I bought what seemed like a lot of this fabric quite some time ago, and made a nice-enough pleated skirt out of about half of it. Which left me just slightly under what I needed for this dress, as you can see from the visible sliver of the selvage at this underarm seam:

Echino glasses Vogue 9929 zipper

Here it is close up:


A better example of me going “eh, what the heck, nobody will notice and if they do they’ll surely be polite enough not to say anything” cannot be found. You can also see that there wasn’t enough for self-fabric bias, so I resorted to good ol’ double-fold straight from the package.  (Oh and that zipper is about a C+.)

Here’s the back view:


If you went by sheer number of approving comments, this is probably the most popular dress I own. I am regularly stopped on the street and asked about it (which I use as opportunities to evangelize the many many benefits of sewing).

(If you want to see this being worn, I posted about it here. I also have this fabric in green.)

The Hundred Dresses: Day 14

I could have sworn I’ve posted this one before, but I can’t find it now. (Obviously, my tagging needs some work.) Anyway, yes, another 9929, this time in a border print!

red border print Vogue 9929

I’m pretty sure I bought this fabric on eBay with absolutely no idea what I was going to do with it. (As the bromide has it, leap and the net will be there, or, in  my case, buy the fabric and the pattern will appear. I’m waiting on quite a few patterns right now …)

Here’s the salient part, the border:

red border print Vogue 9929

I really do love those houndstoothy things. If I were doing this again (and by “this” I mean making another border print 9929 — I’ve been reading a lot of Javascript lately and have been fascinated by issues of “this”-scope anaphora) I would not just have the hem and the edge of the border coterminous, as easy as that is — I’d use some hem bias facing to give it a little weight. (Oh, and I *am* going to make another 9929 border print sometime before the fall, because I bought this fabric especially to do it with.)

Here’s the back:

red border print Vogue 9929

Here’s the neck facing — one of my favorite things about the neck bias on the 9929s is finding out how it will look when it’s attached. I don’t do much, if anything, to try to plan it out:

red border print Vogue 9929

Here’s the zipper, another “C” effort. Since I’ve made these last two 9929s I’ve gotten a new zipper foot, which has helped quite a bit (I think):

red border print Vogue 9929

In Hundred-Dresses-The-Book news, there was a VERY  nice review in the Chicago Tribune! Check it out if you’re so inclined. They called it “a refreshing sashay through the history and pop culture of the dress.” (“Refreshing Sashay” is now the name of my new band …)