Today’s Pattern Story: Advance 5247

by Erin on March 2, 2015


Blue: With these new “grab-bag” pockets, you never know what you’ll get! Last time I got a baby alligator!

Red: I should have brought my safety goggles today.

(Today’s pattern from Fancywork on Etsy.)


Another winter dress

by Erin on January 10, 2015

Here’s another January-appropriate dress, although I made this back in October, to wear to talk at Pop!Tech. (That there is a video link.)

galaxy dress

Specifics: it’s Liberty Lantana, but I don’t remember the pattern name — if you search for Liberty Lantana on eBay this one always comes up. (Lantana is the winter-perfect cotton/wool blend. Super soft, nicely warm, and wrinkle-resistant. Probably my favorite Liberty fabric type.) It’s the Simplicity 2389 bodice with the (heavily modified) Burdastyle Heidi skirt.

galaxy dress bodice

For colder weather I’ve been wearing this with a long-sleeved black t-shirt under it. And by “colder weather,” (sorry non-Californians) I mean around low 50s F. Below you can see the colorway — it’s mostly black, with a bunch of blue-y grays and a little warm taupe.

galaxy dress shoulder piping

I used the extra-fat piping cord to make this piping. It’s very satisfying.

galaxy dress zipper

Here’s the zipper & pocket (also piped) in a washed out photo. (Honestly, #nofilter, my phone is just not that great.)

galaxy dress back, at a jaunty angle

And the back, with my dress form at a jaunty (not to say off-kilter) angle.

I’ve taken a little break from this pattern but it’s calling to me again. The bodice is probably one of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, and even those tricky-looking shoulders sew up easily. I’m thinking the next version will probably have a longer skirt (this one is knee length) and we’ll see how that proportion looks. I have some more Lantana …


Progress Report: Slow

January 4, 2015

Not a lot of sewing going on in my atelier lately. Holidays, and a huge press of work*. You know, the usual. One dress has been hanging on the hook where I keep the in-progress projects for more than a month. Okay, it’s not really a hook, it’s one of those orange spring clamps that photographers […]

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Today’s Pattern Story: Simplicity 2032

December 21, 2014

Blue: What’s that? Red: It’s a bird … it’s a plane … Blue: It’s a goddamn drone, that’s what it is. Red: Hold on, I’ll go get my .22. This pattern (and many, many others where the the women in the illustration are looking quizzically into the sky, ah the 1940s) is at An […]

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Today’s Pattern Story: Simplicity 2095

November 28, 2014

  Amelia: So you want to oversell it.  Try this: “Oh, WOE, WOE, WOE is me!” Cecelia: And that really works? It seems … undignified. Amelia: You’d be surprised. I’ve gotten out of two speeding tickets and a school fundraising dinner! Cecelia: SOLD.   (Today’s pattern from Etsy seller studioGpatterns.)

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Another McCalls 6727

November 27, 2014

Hey, here’s another McCall’s 6727! I love this pattern an awful lot. Here’s the bodice, I didn’t tack down the facing in front because I thought it might make a visible line, but that means it rolls a tiny tiny bit: I was sure I took a picture of the facing, but uh, no. It’s […]

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Winter is Coming (so you might need a new dress)

November 13, 2014

So hey, new dress: This is a very faithful (for me) rendition of McCall’s 6727: (pattern image from VintageMoms) I mean, I did change up a couple of things; the pockets in this pattern are topstitched to the skirt front, so I added a facing instead (as I am not under any kind of wartime fabric restrictions). And […]

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Ready to Wear POCKETS!

October 31, 2014

I haven’t posted any links to ready-to-wear clothes in SO long. Someone will send me a link to a gorgeous dress and I will click through, mentally deciding what cardigan sweater to wear with it, and then I am brought up short by the TOTAL ABSENCE OF POCKETS. This skirt, from J. Peterman, does not have […]

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Today’s Pattern Story: McCalls 6701

October 30, 2014

  Mina: “Don’t worry, sister — we’ll find the rat bastard who reassembled you with your torso back to front!” Lena: “It could be worse — at least my feet are pointing the right way.” Mina: “And — for a little while, at least — you won’t have to bother saying ‘Hey buddy, my eyes […]

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A dress for a wedding (not a wedding dress) plus bonus kiltwearing

October 20, 2014

Haven’t posted in a while … there’s a backlog of new dresses and old patterns with new stories, but a shortage of TIME to post them in! This picture, of course, takes priority, as it involves a kilt — that’s my handsome-yet-goofy younger brother in the McKean tartan with all the trimmings, ready to walk […]

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