Such Cool Fabric

by Erin on April 1, 2013


Isn’t it, though? I wish this were yardage, but unfortunately it’s a vintage dress. (I say “unfortunately”, because it’s in pretty bad shape.) [Thanks to Robin for the link !]

I was unpacking all my fabric over the weekend and even though there’s quite a bit of it, it hasn’t really sated my fabric-love. I think having lots of fabric actually creates a desire for EVEN MORE fabric, since you start thinking “oh I’d love this weight but in this pattern and wouldn’t it be great if …” Lately I’ve wanted (and not been able to find):

  • large (like, 2″) gingham check in gray/white
  • large (like, 4″) red stars on a pale blue background
  • a cute conversation print of tiny red and gray tools on a mustard background (not “Welcome to the curtains for my little boy’s room!” tools, but like those 1930s prints that are so adorable). I want little hammers and screwdrivers and hacksaws …

I know I should just um, find another eight hours in the day and teach myself textile design, but I haven’t found those hours for all the other stuff I need eight extra hours for. And anyway, while looking for those fabrics that don’t exist, I found this one and this one (and this one and this one), and they’re all really nice! (Although I only bought one …)

What’s the most heart-stoppingly gorgeous fabric you’ve found recently? (I’m asking for a friend.)


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