They'll flock to you in this one …

turquoise flocked dress

Yes, it's a flocked dress! There's not a lot of flocking on adult clothes lately — it seems only kids get the satisfaction of having raised fuzzy patterns on their clothing. But I'm all in favor of fuzzy party dresses — why NOT give people an excuse to touch you? (Okay, introverts, you can all say "eeeewwwww!" now, but I didn't mean it THAT way.) So, where were we? Yes. This dress — a tad expensive at $225, but in great condition, and it's not only flocked, it's flocked taffeta! — is just the perfect combo of color and pattern, and it's at The Cats Pajamas (I don't know where the apostrophe went either and without it I think that perhaps the pajamas are MADE of cats, and that is not a good mental image AT ALL) so click on the link if you must have it. B36/W28.

I may have to go troll Ebay for some flocked fabric now. Preferably a nice abstract like this one, and not flaming skulls or Hello Kitty, as much as I like both those motifs. Hmmm, flaming Hello Kitty skulls? Oh well.

0 thoughts on “They'll flock to you in this one …

  1. OMG I love this. I have some gorgeous flocked dotted swiss (deadstock from an ancient old musty fabric store in Green Bay, WI–totally the find of the century)…I worry though that I’ll look like Sandra Dee if I make a full skirt with it, so I’m probably going to do it up with a pattern like this in View B. –Lydia


  2. Erin, this will take you to flocked fabric. Flocked paisley, among others (I’m not sure what others, actually, but I saw “flocked” and thought of you, and wanted to send it whilst holding the thought) – some of the others being lovely, lovely linen.So … get the flock on over there and have some fun!


  3. ??? Goshdarnit, there was supposed to be a link in that earlier comment!Trying again: if I’m so lame it doesn’t work this time, if you go to, and type in 4C22, it will bring you to the blue or to the terracotta flocked paisley. Yes, flocked paisley linen. Who’da thunk it? Still regretting the flocked Renaissance-pattern denim I didn’t buy in the spring from Jo-Ann Fabrics, of all places …


  4. Boy, I don’t know if this is a good idea or not; I found a whole company in Pennsylvania that does nothing but make flocked products: paper, textile and other. They even allege We can even help you create your own ideas on our fabric. Their website is staggeringly dull, but many a tattered wrapper conceals a treasure, so here’s hoping, and enjoy:


  5. Oh, my god. The thought of making my OWN FLOCKED FABRIC is just too much joy to bear. It’s probably thousands of dollars and I’d have to buy hundreds of yards, but …!Thanks!


  6. My grandmother owned one of the same style, hers was pink with a slightly different flock pattern. I am now the proud owner. I noticed yours is missing the matching belt.


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