Effortlessly Elegant

Rodriguez elegance

Ignore the model's glassy stare and think for a minute what this dress would do for YOU. First of all, although I am a fan of the little black dress, this dress is not a LBD. It's a BBD, actually: dramatic, flattering, graceful. That neckline would, at the same time, make your neck look swanlike and feature your embonpoint charmingly. The embellished bodice is just understated enough to be tasteful, just sparkly enough to be festive. The Grecian twining at the waist will set that part of you off discreetly, and the soft flowing pleats of the skirt will flutter around you enticingly. This is the dress to wear when you want to look effortlessly elegant.

This dress is a siren's call to rival all siren's calls, but doesn't look like it. Gorgeous. From Narciso Rodriguez's Fall 2005 collection (by way of Serenada — who would look like a goddess herself in this gown! — thank you, Serenada!). Click on the image to visit the Style.com slideshow.

0 thoughts on “Effortlessly Elegant

  1. I *love* it! And the instant I saw it I did, indeed, imagine myself in it. Rodriguez has always made beautiful dresses, but the Fall collection overall looks quite flattering for those with hips of signifigance. That’s a absolute requirement for anything I might wear, but I also think it’s just a lovely silhouette. And a change from recent years – I’m excited! Thanks for the link!-S


  2. That is almost identical to my wedding dress – the top is the same, but my skirt was fuller and had a sheer gold overlay. Gorgeous!


  3. I love your blogs and I seriously just found MY wedding dress!!!! My mouth nearly dropped to the floor when I saw this!


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