Solve This Puzzle

red crossword puzzle dress

Hélose sent me a link to this eBay auction — the picture is not of the best, but really, do you need to know any more than "1950's crossword-themed dress?" before you start mousing around for the "Bid" button?

It's 36-26(ulp)-39, and the bidding right now is about $25.

As you know, I already am the proud possessor of a crossword-themed dress, but I'm keeping an eye out for more crossword fabric — the tournament does last three days, after all.

I can't tell if the buttons are little squares or not, but it looks as if they are. And it has pockets, to hold your pencils! What more could you ask?

Click on the image to visit the auction, as usual.

0 thoughts on “Solve This Puzzle

  1. Erin, did you ever see the Threads article where the three seamstresses were supposed to imagine they were going to a Scrabble thing and had to make an outfit to match that could also be changed into an evening outfit? hard to explain, but it is in a back issue of Threads magazine and might give you some sewing ideas.


  2. “kim p. said… Fun! Who would have thought “wiggle dress” and “crossword theme” could occur in the same heading?!”Actually I love what you call ‘Stunt Dresses’ and also did a vintage Vogue dress out of the crossword puzzle fabric last year (about the same time as yours but I never knew about it). AND it’s a wiggle dress… I forget which pattern # it’s from.


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