Anna Buruma! Paging Anna Buruma!

Liberty Mauverina

Dilly recently posted a comment to the effect that the V&A had recently hosted Liberty archivist Anna Buruma, who spoke about the history of that company and their designs.

Needless to say, I was just shattered to have missed this (leaving aside that taking a trip from Chicago to London for a two-hour event would not have been very ecologically responsible of me). But it got me to thinking — someone who reads this blog must have contact info for Ms. Buruma, yes? And if we asked very nicely, don't you think she'd like to do a Q&A with us?

Massive amounts of searching have failed to turn up a contact email (I suppose I *could* just CALL THE STORE, but that seems so twentieth-century). If, in fact, anyone does know Ms. Buruma and could effect an introduction, I'd be very, very grateful. And in the meantime, you could leave the questions you'd want asked in the comments, just in case …

[Fabric is Liberty Mauverina, from eBay seller laluthan.]

UPDATE: I have exchanged emails with Ms. Buruma and she is willing to be interviewed … please leave any questions you'd like me to ask in the comments! Thanks so much to LondonGirl for getting us in touch!

0 thoughts on “Anna Buruma! Paging Anna Buruma!

  1. As it happens …. I emailed Liberty’s generic address a while ago to ask about a fabric I’d seen on flickr – and my message was passed to Anna Buruma – who replied to me direct – so I have her email address. Ta da! I’ll email it to you!(Sadly she told me the heavenly pattern I spotted on flickr was no longer in production – so my search for the perfect fabric for my sofa cover goes on … 🙂


  2. Not only is Liberty’s of London my favorite store in the entire world, Liberty’s seems to be superb about customer service and interaction. When I was visiting the store two years ago and mentioned in passing that I made jewelry, they encouraged me to contact their buyer. I was staggered.


  3. I was at the event, and it was excellent. Anna brought in some examples of the new season’s fabrics, and they were beautiful.There is also another V&A talk in early march, on vintage fashion. The speaker is Madeline Marsh, and she is bringing along some thing from her collection… Wish I could go, but just can’t get into London in time after work.


  4. I’ve got her phone number somewhere – I got my master’s in fashion history at the Courtauld, where she also went, and I spoke with her a few times when I was writing a paper on Liberty. It’s buried in the closet with all my grad school notes. If you don’t hear back from her by email, I’ll find the number and send it to you.


  5. Oh, I WISH I’d known about that talk! Dammit! I do have some lovely new-season Liberty fabric to show off, though – the colours are much richer in real life and the darkest colour is more of a burgundy, but it’s so beautiful I’m just patting it and sighing on a daily basis.


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