Free Tickets! (If you are in/can get to London …)

Caroline (of Frillseekers Vintage) is offering ten free tickets to the Vintage Fashion, Textiles and Accessories Fair this coming Saturday, the 14th, at the Hammersmith Town Hall (King Street, London W6). (I know. ANOTHER fantastic vintage sale in London … sigh. I may just make a raft and start paddling. Which, from Chicago, would get me to … Michigan? Actually, more likely Gary, Indiana. Need new plan.)

Anyway, if you are in/can get to London, email her (at caroline AT frillseekersvintage DOT com) with 'dressaday offer' in the subject line and she'll pick 10 names at random. The tickets usually cost £5 or £10, so this is a nice deal!

I haven't gone to very many of these vintage shows, so I don't have any advice (other than the advice I always give for every situation, which is "wear comfortable shoes and carry something to eat") so if you have any Vintage Show Tips and Tricks, would you leave them in the comments? It would be a service to humanity.

0 thoughts on “Free Tickets! (If you are in/can get to London …)

  1. My advice: Bring a fully charged digital camera (and make certain you have space on your chip). I’m not certain how large this show is, but I like to make a list of things that I’m interested in ahead of time (buttons, shoes, dress construction, fabric, or a specific style era, sewing patterns, etc) so that when I enter the hall, if I’m overwhelmed, I have a starting point (or a re-starting point later). Bring a notepad/notebook and pencil to record ideas, addresses, names, sketch out stuff (put this in the large canvas/shopping bag that you bring to haul stuff that you purchase, although you do not have to buy something when you talk to the vendors). Oh yes, and despite making a list, bring an open mind and allow yourself to be surprised by anything you might encounter. And wear comfy shoes, carry an energy bar, and drink water.


  2. Wear nice underwear. This is a classic group dressing room situation. ;-)Ask for vintage patterns. They’re not as popular as vintage clothes, so some dealers might keep some in a box on the side, in case someone asks.Have fun, whoever is going!


  3. be sure to take your measurements before going there and take a measuring tape with you. it might save you some trouble trying on dresses which just wouldn’t fit anyway. plus, either wear tights and a bathing suit under your normal wear, or take a large and long skirt with you which you can abuse as fitting room in case the queue is just way too long.


  4. Don’t wear a bulky coat or sweater. It tends to be hot at the one we have here in Illinois and there’s not always a coat check.Definitely know the measurements of your clothes. It helps to have those measurements rather than your own body. I agree–something that is easy to get into and out of (a shopping dress, if you will) because it will inspire you to try things on. And yes, the dressing rooms are often shared.Lastly, if you really want something, BUY it. It’s likely you will not see it again and there’s a very strong chance it won’t still be there when you go back to that person’s booth. Take it from one who knows! If I really wanted something and the price was right, I wouldn’t even set it down. I missed out on something that way which is not to say that there was a greedy grubber nearby. It was my fault for being completely indecisive.


  5. Its great of her to give away tickets, I dont have any comments that can help you out at the vintage show infact my only comment has to do with the sheer annoyance that I dont live near London !


  6. other than the tape measure advice, i would add stuffing a feather-weight shoulder tote into your purse, for those inevitable big items (i tow my backpack with wheels, it sure saves my back)


  7. I always wondered where James May, Brit TV presenter found his wild retro shirts. Now I know. He’s rumored to be a resident of Hammersmith.


  8. I don’t know how it will work at the London show, but we *used* to have a really good one in Toronto until a few years ago (I’m still mourning its loss) that ran over a weekend. If you’re a student or just looking for a deal, the best time to go was at the end of the last day when vendors just wanted to get rid of stuff so they didn’t have to pack it back up. That’s when haggling (which in most situations I find….distasteful) was the most effective. I got some pretty great stuff that way!Oh how I miss thee Old Clothing Show!!


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