Holiday Shopping

So, here's the deal. I haven't even come close to finishing my holiday shopping yet — I celebrate Christmas, so I'm gonna call it Christmas shopping, please feel free to substitute the name of any holiday you like — and I haven't even had time to even look, for the most part. And I figure, with the way things are in the world, a lot of you might not have finished yours, either. And time's a-wastin'!

One of the things that's been holding me back, shopping-wise, is that I didn't really feel like buying mass-produced, cookie-cutter things for people who are (to me) one-in-a-million. I'm planning to do a little shopping on Etsy, and at craft fairs, but I've been looking for cool vintage stuff for folks, too.

So I asked all the lovely folks who advertise with me what they would suggest as presents for vintage-loving or sewing-loving folks, and send me some links, and I'll be posting them all week (sometimes several times a day, if I can manage it … I got sent a lot of links!) so check back early and often!

I know a lot of folks hesitate to give vintage, since it usually can't be returned, and because you really have to know the recipient for it to work. But really, this year — if you gave something from Linens-N-Things, well, that can't be returned now either! And a really great vintage dress is so much better made than almost anything modern — if you're not entirely sure of someone's size, give it and an offer to get it tailored to fit them. (Personally, I'd rather get one fantastic vintage dress, even if it didn't quite fit, than ten "eh" presents …)

First up is Holly from LuciteBox, who sends three fantastic dresses …

I would send this one to a best friend who is looking for a cool but still possibly office-y dress:

CrissCross Dress

This one is definitely a teen-ager's dream …

Pink Shelf-Bust dress

This one I think folks might be tempted to get for themselves … New Year's Eve is coming up … or maybe you should forward this to your significant other?

Sequins and Sass dress

But wait! There's more! Holly is offering NOT ONLY 15% off any purchase on her site (with the coupon code: pleasegive), she will ALSO donate 10% of the order total (less shipping) to Book Through Bars, our charity this year!

Here's the sweet part. Every customer who shops using the pleasegive coupon code also gets to be entered into the pool of names to be chosen for a character in the upcoming "Secret Lives of Dresses" book. If you've already been entered, you'll have increased your chances of getting chosen when part of the proceeds of your purchase are given to Books Through Bars. (Holly promises to send me your name right away.) This offer expires on December 27th, 2008.

How can you resist that? The dresses, plus the discount, plus the donation?

0 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping

  1. Erin, you come up with the best shopping ideas! Who would have thought of giving a dress, no less a vintage one, for Christmas!


  2. LOL all these great gift ideas and I have a 10 year old BOY.The horror of not having people to celebrate with! (But oh the joys of the after Xmas sales)


  3. Had to stop myself from adding items just for me. I did find a fabulous vintage velvet coat for my son’s girlfriend. She will look stunning. Thanks Erin.


  4. Aw, crap, if others are griping about Christmas shopping time running out, then I am totally sc****d. These dresses are great, but for teenaged sons? I am so sc****d. Luckily for me, I was able to buy one a muffler for his car.


  5. ugh, Christmas shopping. I just can’t bring myself to even think about it this year. And I have money… I know some people don’t have a dime to spend right now who would love to, but the whole business seems too dreary to contemplate again. Year after year of pondering, shopping, buying, panicking, wrapping, hoping… and at least half the time the gifts are forgotten on some back shelf somewhere. Ugh, again. More worthless than sex. Didn’t that used to be such a thrill, too??


  6. Thanks for posting this promo, Erin. Readers have until the 27th to get the discount and I’m adding more fresh goods on my site this week. REMEMBER–anytime is a good time to make a donation to a charitable cause, so if the spirit moves you, give.I wanted to let those who’ve made purchases know that donations have been made. You should have received a forwarded receipt. Your names have been forwarded to Erin to be added to the pool, too. I am so excited about this book. I would guess I’m not alone in that sentiment, but I can hardly wait. Most importantly, though, I am so happy to be able to add to the donation. Things have been very tight around here. I’m sure that’s a common ground most of us share in this scary economy. My donation last week seemed so meager. Thank you so much for pitching in with me so that, together, we can do more! I’m so grateful that readers of this blog are so generously helping add to the donation.To those who comment and those who lurk quietly and enjoy the entries posted– sharing your camaraderie, love of dresses and support of this blog means a lot to me. I think we’re very fortunate to have this to read. I’m feeling very lucky to be part of this community, that’s for sure.Holly


  7. Ooh, if you’re looking on Etsy, check out my shop:’ve already finished my Christmas shopping (woohoo!) but I am enjoying these suggestions. I LOVE the first dress but it is unfortunately one size too small.


  8. I have to admit, I have gotten a couple of very beautiful antique dresses for Christmas/birthday presents.I just wish the rest of the relationship had had the same kind of thoughtfulness.


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