A Very Brief Pattern Story (and a sale)

McCalls 9965


"Too late, Ralph realized that he had absent-mindedly asked ALL the members of the typing pool to meet him for a drink after work."

[Pattern from Lisa at the Vintage Fashion Library, which is having an "overthehill" sale — it seems it's Lisa's birthday (Happy Birthday!) this weekend, AND her oldest is leaving the nest Monday, AND another child starts college next month AND her youngest starts high school! Poor Lisa! (But think of all the extra space for patterns, Lisa!) So use the code "overthehill" to get 25% off at Vintage Fashion Library. If you want to use it at Miss Helene's (Lisa's other pattern site), put the code in the Paypal comment section, and Lisa will send you a refund. If you let her know in advance, Lisa can combine purchases from both sites, and accept credit cards at Miss Helene's. Whew!]

6 thoughts on “A Very Brief Pattern Story (and a sale)

  1. Happy birthday to Lisa! Classic suit. So beautiful! My mom just said that in 1956, she had a similar one made in pale blue tweed.


  2. I love these 60s suits…but the tan one has crossed the line from Streamlined County over into the Land of DOWDY. A simple smile and a bright scarf could perk that look up, though. Theres still home.


  3. I just discovered a link to your blog…..and I LOVE dresses and sewing. My husband just made the funniest rule for me this summer…he called it the Dress Treaty 2009 because Im always on the lookout for dresses when I window shop. Basically, the dress treaty is that if I wear at least one dress per week then I can buy unlimited amounts of dresses….in other words, to him, whats the point of owning all my dresses if they just sit in my closet? Anyway, we have fun with our little rules but I thought it was cute. I have just discovered an adorable little vintage childs dress pattern in the bottom of all my materials. I will try and find a way to send the picture of it to you. LOVE your pictures!!


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