Oooooh, I like this dress (and it's on sale)

coral Miss Elliette dress

Pam at GlamourSavvy is having an anniversary sale, now through the end of July, with 35% off everything! Which makes this dress, originally $84.99, about $55. Nice! Just enter keyword "Celebrate" at checkout and discount will apply.

I reeeeeaaaalllly like this dress, by the way. (And I'm sure the fact that it was photographed by a swimming pool had NOTHING to do with. Honest.) It's very pretty, but it's cotton, so not too fancy. You could dress it down with flat sandals and turquoise beads and dress it up with some fancy jewelry and high heels. (This is an ideal "I've got to go to a wedding dress," too — it's coral, not red!) The crinkly cotton won't get too wrinkly, and the lines are lovely. [Click on the image to visit the listing.]

Anyway, I'd definitely check out the GlamourSavvy sale … this is not the only lovely dress hanging out by the pool!


19 thoughts on “Oooooh, I like this dress (and it's on sale)

  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE THAT DRESS!!! Ive been wanting to make one just like that! Do you know of a pattern that is very similar?


  2. Thats a great deal! Not my size :(I love coral, too! I would definitely want to wear it with turquoise flats as you suggest.


  3. That is a rip-snorting great dress. Its very Marilyn…in her more understated, Arthur Miller period. Speaking of Wedding Guest Garb, I think we should start a charity stash for all those people who [LIE and] whimper they only have either a black, white or red dress to wear. It would be like that program that collects prom dresses for the disenfranchised. (Party Poplins for the Petty? Better name suggestions welcome.)


  4. I can totally see you in that dress. It is just calling your name – the midriff thing for starters. Does it have pockets though – if nothing else to keep your watch in!?Cheers,AJ


  5. Oooo I love this,too, but it isnt the right size or style for me.Note to commenters: Try Simplicity pattern 3774 (from 2007). Also, somewhere in my stuff there is a similar dress pattern (with a short full skirt) that I made that in the 1970s.


  6. This is an ideal Ive got to go to a wedding dress,My thoughts exactly! (Actually Im making a dress a lot like this right now to wear to wedding on Saturday — crinkly cotton, midriff band, nearly identical bodice, and floaty skirt — but mine is that lovely dark jade color I can never resist.


  7. Ooh now that is cute.Id have to have it in Turquoise Blue. Flaunt some bright yellow heels and a bold necklace or bracelet.3


  8. Yeah, the same question – did you get it?I love it. I love it very, very much. Dont do this to me. I decided that there will be no more projects planned for one day this summer, that I have enough of those.Although, I guess thats not a good thing to do, blame it on you. I wouldnt have to go read your blog in the first place, and once I do, its obvious that Ill find beautiful dresses here…Good thing is, I have a similar dress in my wardrobe, probably also vintage, although not this vintage. Similar, not the same, with petal sleeves which I love, and I was thinking of recreating it. Now I have another incentive to do it.


  9. That dress looks like a casual version of a Jean Desses creation. Beautiful. I wonder if it is made from a Desses pattern?


  10. The link says its by someone called Miss Elliette. I dont know all the vintage manufacturer labels. The two I know I like are Lilli Ann and Suzy Perette


  11. PS: I have no idea why THIS LINK comes up for Suzy Perette, but its a neat little read re: vintage fashion labels : )


  12. Cookie.. Ive seen some (and have some, around here SOMEwhere) GREAT Miss Elliette dresses! Very feminine.. I think they were a hot ticket item on ebay eons ago?And I knew that was Pams shot before I read anything.. shes got that Poolside Branding going on, for certain!Hi Pam!


  13. Cute! Nice cut and color and you definitely can not beat the fact that its on sale. Ill definitely have to check that out!


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