Robots 4 U

Moving has eaten my brain PLUS I'm traveling for work this week, so in place of any coherent post, I bring you ROBOT ART, courtesy of Etsy. (As always, click on the images to visit the listings.)

robots and blasters

Robots in love. With guns. What is better than that? Nothing.

robots and commerce

These are the robots capitalism was supposed to bring us. Where are they?

robots yelling

Even robots get cranky.

robot earrings

Awwwww, robot earrings!

robot earrings

Robots + cupcakes, two great memes that taste great together!

And one last one:

robot fabric

Robot fabric! I wish there was more than one yard …

Here's hoping that robots put YOU in a good mood, too. Happy Wednesday!

25 thoughts on “Robots 4 U

  1. Love the robots! I think the earrings may be my favorite. They certainly put me in a good mood. Thanks for the fun photos!


  2. You have a lot going on! Good luck with the changes. Glad you are still able to post during the hectic time too.


  3. That second one down is actually a star projector from a planetarium – I know because I used to operate one for a living. Now Im drooling over that print on Etsy 🙂 … thanks!


  4. im really partial to those old Fortune mag illustrations from the 30s–seriously beautiful, industrial art…have a few of them but wish i had more.


  5. Business travel and trying to move at the same time? Good luck!Funny timing on the Robot post, as I got an email on a sale for robot (and other) fabrics:Abstract Robot Interlockor thisRobot Rib KnitI wish they were woven fabrics…


  6. I LOVE robots! 🙂 Might have to pick me up a set of those robot earrings. Theyd look mighty cool dangling from my robot-lovin lobes.


  7. That second one down is actually a star projector from a planetarium- thats exactly what I wanted to write! I did not use to work in a planetarium, but its such a specific shape that I cannot forget it.


  8. I have not been affected by robots in this lifetime, as of yet, and so remain neutral to them. But I DO think similar earrings in different colors are cute. Mix it up a little, you know? They become more like charms on a bracelet than a perfectly matchy-matchy pair. What you can do is buy 2 sets of earings of the same make (but different color or whatever), switch the partners, and give the other resulting set to an adventurous friend. I did this with Mexican earrings (matching a rooster and a donkey) and also some tiny pressed flowers in turquoise and/or yellow glass. My sister liked her set because they were real conversation starters. People would say, Do you know youre wearing different earrings? and shed say, Yes! Isnt it great?


  9. Whoops – Blogger doesnt want me to share capitalisms real robots with the world! Here are the robots the future hath wrought – this robotic arm is not unlike Fortunes hallucinations. But they never expected the robots to flourish… IN SPACE!


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