Green Dot Dress

green silk dot dress

Cherie at Shrimpton Couture has been doing some interesting things lately (including adding some reworked vintage and jewelry) but what caught my eye and didn't let go on a recent browse through her site was this dress.

Here, look at it again, closer up:

green silk dot dress

There are lots of vintage dresses I love but couldn't imagine ever wearing (or making) myself, but this one looks as if it could have come right off my sewing machine. Or rather, right off my sewing machine if I had the patience to sew underarm gussets in silk, which I've only done once (which is how I know I don't have the patience for it).

I love the colors of this fabric, and the neckline, and the pleats, and just about everything. (No mention of pockets, which I'm taking as 'Of course this dress has pockets, no need to discuss it,' instead of 'Pockets? What pockets?')

If only it were my size … or I were its size. Hmmph. I'll just have to keep an eye out for this fabric. If they made it once it must exist somewhere, right? Or I could put it on my ever-expanding Spoonflower list … I'd rather have it in cotton, anyway. With pockets.

Click on either image to check it out at Shrimpton Couture, and while you're there you should have a look around … she has pretty, pretty stuff!

16 thoughts on “Green Dot Dress

  1. That is a delight. I wish it had a belt or sash, though (designed to go with it, not faked and tacked on later) to cover the seam at the waist.


  2. I would just be able to squeeze myself into it with major Spanx help, but sadly, it is out of my price range. Its what is heartbreaking about lovely vintage dresses in silk…always very dear!


  3. I really really like this dress! Even though it is vintage style, it is definitely a breath of fresh air. So cute and perfect for summer


  4. This is absolutely gorgeous.. Im glad you came upon it! Well.. kinda. Im trying really hard not to spend all my money, but this dress is so tempting!


  5. Shrimpton Couture good enough but never tried please i have not prompt enough to try it Sunil Cash Online Get Easy cash at your door step


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