I Am Almost There

Five! Complete! Outfits!

Robin sent a link to this compelling (if you're me) eBay auction where you can get FIVE (count 'em, FIVE) shirt/bag/skirt sets for an opening bid of $9.99.

Five! Complete! Outfits!

Five! Complete! Outfits!

Five! Complete! Outfits!

(That's four; the last one is just "eh" so I'll let you click through to the eBay auction to see it.)

I am so intrigued by this, because I can totally see myself headed down this road. I already have shoes that match a dress and a skirt — and by "match" I mean THEY ARE THE SAME LIBERTY PRINT — plus I color-coordinate my watchband with my sneakers, and so on and so forth. And in the summer I pretty much wear the same uniform of A-line skirt, polo shirt, and loafers or Jack Purcells EVERY DAY. So it's only a matter of time before I indulge in the complete Garanimals-for-Grownups experience, right?

The seller mentions that all these outfits belonged to her aunt. (I would like to point out that although I am an aunt, none of my nieflings are, as yet, literate enough to write an eBay listing. So I have time.)

I just love the idea of waking up every morning and pulling a complete outfit out of the closet. I'm assuming she hung each outfit on a single hanger. (And also in my little fantasy world, the woman who owned these wore them with matching Keds.) Neighbors would know what day of the week it was by whether she was in the green thistle set or the pink one (Penguin Fridays?).

It's totally obvious I've thought WAY too much about this … as I said, I'm almost there …


17 thoughts on “I Am Almost There

  1. i kinda like the green skirt and bag–its the matching t-shirts that throw this off for me. theyre too much my moms generation.


  2. I agree that the tee-shirt makes it too… too. When I was a kidlet, my mom made me many skirts- and I made matching drawstring bags to carry my lunch for school. This is a grown up version of that concept, and something I should consider.On a side note, this summer, my daughter has been working on Girl Scout badges and wanted to sew on my machine. She made a skirt with matching headband. (adorable!)


  3. I actually liked the last one better. Lavenders not for you?that aside, you must be younger than I am, because anything Ive actually seen someone wear when it was new cant possibly be vintage.They look very 70s conserative country club housewifey.


  4. PENGUINS!!! Sorry, the excitement. You need to be wearing that and the green one. The other colours, meh. But did I say PENGUINS!CheersAJakaxstPENGUIN πŸ˜‰


  5. Oh My God. OH. MY. GOD!The shirts are obviously excellent candidates to be cut into cleaning rags….BUT THE SKIRT AND BAG COMBOS ARE THE LIMIT!I adore them. HOW do we get them for you??And are these the long-lost, official ensembles of the International Sewing Conspiracy?? Maybe this ladys house was the headquarters. Or did the Societys pledges just wear these during hazing week, when they were forced to try to spin straw into gold, etc.?


  6. These are hysterical! I clicked through to the eBay auction, and these were all commercially made! I thought for sure she made all of these pieces herself. You know when you see some really strange piece of clothing and you assume its homemade? I dont mean shoddy workmanship. I mean oddities like the wrong kind of fabric for the garment, or some weird print being used in a weird way? Or a penguin on a T-shirt with a matching penguin skirt and penguin bag? These are worse than Garanimals. I had Garanimals when I was a kid, and they werent so bizarre.


  7. hey now, there is a lot to be said for Matchy Matchy…but not too much….I love the prints…so…meadowy. Id have lost my mind while raising kids if it wasnt for the concept of garanimals….tho some days the kids looked like they dressed with style tips from Pippi Longstocking…


  8. Does anyone remember the company Clothkits from the 70s? http://www.clothkits.co.uk/index.phpWell, these outfits remind me of Clothkits silk-screened sewing kits. I even remember you could buy Clothkits at the Scottish Lion in North Conway, NH, which must have operated out of Vermont when the sellers aunt purchased her ensembles. I remember all my mothers friends wearing this sort of thing. I like the way Clothkits has upgraded its styles and prints for the noughties. Im a bit sick of the current fear of being too matchy. I love a matching shoe and bag, better yet a matching skirt and bag! While visiting a nursing home here in NH, there was a delightful lady, aged 102, garbed daily in the most colorful and carefully matched outfits of this sort of prepster ilk. Such a charming effort when all around her were in sweats! Whats wrong with a bit of effort?


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