Today's Pattern Story (and sale)

McCalls 4875

Agent 1: Isn't it fine weather for flying a kite?
Agent 2: [silence]
Agent 1: I *said*, Isn't it fine weather for flying a kite?
Agent 2: Oh, sorry, I didn't hear you, I was too busy BEING AWESOME.
Agent 1: [silence]
Agent 2: Isn't it fine weather for BEING AWESOME? Especially in a hat. You would be more awesome in a hat.
Agent 1: [in a quiet voice] I need the counter-sign. Doofus.
Agent 2: [sing-songing] Yes, today is perfect for kite-flying. [pause]
Especially when you are awesome. In an awesome hat.
Agent 1: The pickup is at 0800 in the main train station.
Agent 2: "Main train" rhymes!
Agent 1: I'm getting too old for this.

[Pattern's gone now from Out of the Ashes, but to console you, Sheila is having a sale! 15% off, starting Friday morning and ending Sunday evening. Enter DRESSY at checkout.]

[Also, I *covet* this pattern. Anyone else have copies? Leave a comment if so, either here or on the wiki!]

15 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story (and sale)

  1. Ah, Givenchy! Swoon!I think the one on the right is trying to channel Audrey Hepburn, thus upping her secret agent status (in an appropriate dress, no less).


  2. Love the pattern and the post! Too funny! I wonder what secret documents she is hiding in that document shaped purse?


  3. Of course, Agent 2 is well-equipped with gloves that guarantee she will avoid leaving not only fingerprints but also elbow-prints.


  4. This *is* awesome, and whats more, it would even be awesome in the winter, worn over a turtleneck sweater. Id make one in wool, one in twill, and seven or eight in various shades of silk…


  5. Yea verily, I am CRUSHED that this pattern is not available and not available in my size.I am going to a Third Man Appreciation Convention and need an appropriate pattern from Givenchys Post War/Cold War Espionage Collection.Okay, I am not, but if I had this dress, I would HOST that convention.


  6. I adore your agents. So like a cross between Graham Greene and Audrey Hepburn. More pattern stories please (Ive read through the archives of them and have been much amused).


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