This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

McCalls 3430

Green Dress: I'm just going to pretend to whisper something in your ear to make Sally jealous.

Stripey Dress: You know that stuff only works in movies, right?

Green Dress: No, really. It works. Even I want to know what I'm saying to you right now.

Stripey Dress: You do know what you're saying to me right now. You're saying it.

Green Dress: Well, as long as I'm here, we might as well catch up! What's new with you?

Stripey Dress: I've started to indulge unreasonable people in their follies.

Green Dress: Really, who?

Stripey Dress: You can tell when you see the look of resigned (yet good-natured) indulgence on my face.

Green Dress: Oh, okay. I'll keep an eye out.

Stripey Dress: Sigh.

[Pattern from Penny at Antique Dollhouse of Patterns, who is having a sale
— 10% off. (She'll refund through Paypal.)]

[Jen at MOMsPatterns is also having a sale, through Friday — save 20% until Midnight EST Friday, August 28, 2009, just use coupon code 'backtoschool'.]

12 thoughts on “This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

  1. dots…has a very active imagination…and a very faded love life…but she dresses well! Is it too early for ghost stories?


  2. All I know is, this appears to be some sort of wedding rehearsal? Teal and Stripes have just 24 hours to usurp Dots as Maid of Honor, and are planning stories to spread about her. Little do they realize they have completely missed their cue to follow her down the aisle.


  3. Personally I think teal is snarking about dots for once again getting involved with a guy in the Twilight Zone and stripes is bored because shes heard it all before. This is the third time this month. Of course teal, despite being a hopeless gossip, does have the best dress.


  4. I just assumed they were talking about hockey (or beer!) – it is a Canadian pattern (anybody here remember when Eatons sold fabric?)


  5. I remember Eatons and the Eaton family. and it was a sad day in history when they went down. and Woodwards too… Eatons was a good quality store and were in business for such a long time.. treasured are the catalogues and Eaton beauty dolls…. and birdmommy you are so cute. hockey and beer Molsons, Canadian icons…


  6. Im no seamstress, and I almost never wear dresses, but I love your blog. I love fabric and design, and I adore your Pattern Stories. I get a little thrill every time a new Pattern Story comes up on my newsfeed. You could collect them and publish a book; Id buy it, and Id buy copies for several friends.Thanks for A Dress A Day, from a loyal reader.


  7. holy cow! is that something like a 10-inch waistline? I dont think even my Barbie doll could fit into that dress!


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