I hate to see you go but love to watch you walk away

peach shirtdress

I'm only showing you this one image from this eBay auction (from seller findsbyrebecca) because one should be all you need to click through.

This kind of "back interest" on a dress is so interesting and pretty (although I hardly ever make/wear anything that has it — I cover things up with cardigans too often to bother, I guess). This one is truly gorgeous; if it's your size you should snap it up (B36) because the price is right (BIN under $25!) and it looks to be in decent condition.

(Thanks to Robin for the link to the auction!)

11 thoughts on “I hate to see you go but love to watch you walk away

  1. Im torn: I adore that but Im olive-skinned and I know that it would make me look like Im all one color.At the very least, Im taking notes.


  2. Pretty. And Ive never seen a detail like this before! Like a tattoo! This could be an option for people who have to cover up their body art for work…you could embroider or stencil them on your clothes. (Better make several complete, quick-transfer sets, to cover a variety of garments.)


  3. This dress is so pretty. I love detail on the back, which shouldnt be reserved just for wedding gowns. And it looks like the sleeves are some sort of modified raglan – with a shoulder saddle or something. Too bad its not my size (or color).


  4. I just love those embellishments, and the detail stitching on the collar – oh my – it makes it look like there are 4 layers. This is just the sort of thing that takes any garment from nice to wow. Have you noticed how the belt is contoured to be narrower in front – no digging into your stomach or ribs when sitting.Sadly, the color would look dreadful on me…


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