This Week's Pattern Story (and sale … with extra bonus giveaway)

Simplicity 8477

Green Dress: Only thirty more seconds, Gladys, and you'll win!

Floral Dress: Are you sure? Am I the last one standing?

Green Dress: Nobody else has a Frisbee on her head.

Floral Dress: Wait. Something's fishy. Are you sure this was a contest? Was there *ever* anyone else with a Frisbee on her head?

Green Dress: Oh, Gladys. Why would I lie to you about something as important as The First Annual Garden Club Frisbee-Hat-Balancing Contest? Ooh! I'll be right back, I think I see Amy …

Floral Dress: Doris, I'm going to wait twenty more seconds, just in case you weren't pulling my leg. And then you're going to see *stars*.

[Today's pattern is brought to you by Sandy at Sandritocat, who is running a sale — 15% off (plus you can combine with her free shipping offers for multiple purchases). Use code "Fall".]

The ridiculously talented Kellie R (you all probably know her from Pattern Review) is having a pattern giveaway on her blog — check it out! Sew *anything* in October and leave a comment on her blog with a link, and you'll be entered in the drawing!

18 thoughts on “This Week's Pattern Story (and sale … with extra bonus giveaway)

  1. Now we know why hatpins were used. They must have been piercing her scalp LOL no regular human could wear that hat!


  2. Im curious to know if one had to remove the hat in order to walk through a doorway; turning sideways would not be an option considering the diameter/round shape… and Erin, thank you so much for your very kind words! Im humbled!


  3. Oooh Gypsegrl, Id just set up a ban on anymore patterns and you go and bring that one up! Youve got to love those cats-eye specs (and the long-sleeved dress)! Have ordered one of them but Janet is away til Tuesday 6th so I wont know until then if Ive got it or if someone pipped me to the post… oh well, I may yet be made to hold to my resolution, even if its very much in spite of me!


  4. That hat looks like a microwave dish. From the look on her face, Id say shes just figured out all she can pick up with it is The Weather Chanel. Which dress does that back view belong to? I cant figure it out, but maybe the one with the jacket has a different shoulder treatment than the green view.


  5. Oh! I have long admired Kelli Rs entries at Pattern Review! Very clear and informative comments. I love that bright blue dress in her slideshow! And the final one looks like the Hollywood Patterns wrap shirtdress you featured in April, last year.


  6. OK, Erin, Im guessing youve never played Frisbee, amirite? Because that size Frisbee would be really hard to throw and probably scary to catch.


  7. It almost appears that whats really happening here is that these are giantesses, and poor Gladys has developed a lenticular cloud.Green Dress: I cant believe you came to the party in your condition. Arent you worried people will notice?Floral Dress: Of course people will notice. Its all in how you carry yourself. At least Im not shrouded in fog the way poor Amy is.Green Dress: Oh! She looks dreadful!Floral Dress: You see? My little cloud problem is nothing compared to some people. You should just count your lucky stars climate change hasnt caused you any atmospheric blemishes. Yet.


  8. My grandmother had a frisbee hat like that, she wore it one time to the San Diego naval station when my grandfather came back from a cruise, and it flew off and ended up in the water.They sent a couple sailors to fish it out for her….it was spoiled though…I have a couple pictures of her pre-flight – it was a lovely white hat indeed. She called it a platter hat…


  9. I like the floral dress =)Can I send to your email a picture of a pattern I would like you show here? …and of course write a story!!


  10. Nezuko! You should win some kind of prize for bringing the words lenticular cloud into a fashion blog! I love you for that! (Im a retired academic who worked with meteorologists and climatologists, although I am not one myself. And I havent heard anyone talk about lenticular clouds since I retired.)


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