Why I Don't Often Post About High Fashion

So I was leafing through one of the ten or so doorstop-sized fashmags I have delivered to my house every August, and saw a really fantastic wool skirt from Marni. "Aha!" I thought. "I can certainly post about this because I love it, it looks vintage-y, and it wouldn't be that hard to make yourself …"

But can I find a reasonable picture of it, short of scanning the actual magazine page? No, I cannot. And I'm not willing to spend hours trawling through runway pictures or visiting dodgy ecommerce sites (some of which PLAY MUSIC ON LOAD, which is quite possibly the most annoying thing you can do on your website, just so you know) just to find a picture of it. 

If I were running a fashion magazine (which obviously I'm not) I would have a blogger index on the magazine's website with thumbnails of images, tagged with both issue date and keywords. Add watermarks if you like, and maybe even offer an affiliate program for linking certain images to online shops — you'd get people linking back to you with credit, I bet. You could even make bloggers apply for access. Does anyone do this? The only thing that I can think even comes close might be Polyvore.

Anyway, this is the best I can do: 

Picture 2

Please ignore the gratuitous almost-cleavage and the truly heinous accessories (although the bag is really cute, in a completely impractical way) and the model's expression, which I think is trying to convey a combination of stern disapproval of the entire goings-on, and suppressed laughter. 

You can't tell from the image but the skirt (if indeed this is the same one) seems to have four gores with a gorgeous pleat right in the center of each gore. It's swingy and modern and vintage-y all at the same time (that description should also tell you why I'm not a fashion writer).

If anyone knows the skirt I'm referring to (can't even find the magazine right now — ANOTHER reason why I'm not a high-fashion blogger) please leave a comment with a better description!

19 thoughts on “Why I Don't Often Post About High Fashion

  1. That is a really cute skirt. The model looks like the love child of Dwight Schrute and Drew Barrymore’s character from Never Been Kissed. Reminds me of a popular insult from my childhood, “You’re ugly and your [designer] dresses you funny.” Really, really cute skirt though!

    Oh, and my boys those look like skunk-skin ski gloves. The best way to make a big stink on the slopes this season 😉


  2. I am impressed that you could tell that the skirt was nice, it looks like nothing much to me in that picture. This may be why I’m always badly dressed, lol.

    Agree with you 100% on fashion sites. Talk about a bunch of people who don’t understand the medium they’re working with.


  3. I’m just glad to see you. I thought maybe you had taken the camo to far or the fashion police arrested you (for rebelling against their stupid tyrannical rules.) Nice skirt. I love wool. Why do I live int he deep south?


  4. I’m so glad she is wearing industrial oven mitts, just in case the weapons-grade plutonium in her necklace starts to leak. She is clearly worried about it. At least she got to wear a cute skirt.


  5. I love Marni! It looks a little odd all together, but the pieces individually are really interesting and sewn beautifully. Oh, and thanks for pointing out that this is actually a four gored skirt with godets at the low hip — a very nice touch, and not one typically seen in (even) high-end ready-to-wear…


  6. Ummmm yeah, as an outfit, this is just so not right. Each piece might be good with something else (except maybe the socks and gloves), but it takes some thinking to realize it.

    I haven’t looked at the magazines sites lately, so can’t comment on that. I’m still debating whether to try the September Vogue again.


  7. Wow, you have a good eye. Looking at that bizarre assortment of clothing I’d have probably never been able to see the value of any one piece of it. It is a cute skirt, but is the rest of that stuff a joke?


  8. Is true… you must be a real fashion person to be able to see past the willful ugliness of the whole assemblage. I know I’m missing something because even when it’s only a top and pants, I do my job and try to get those colors at least talking to one another. I must be a prole. That looks like a circle skirt to me, it could have four gores, idunno, but__ WHERE__ is the designer part?


  9. I’m sure when the model was shown this getup backstage, she was like, “Uhhhhh…” That explains her expression in the photo. She’s pretending she’s somewhere else.


  10. This might not really help, but I think the skirt is from the September issue of Elle. Try page 252, lower left.

    I want to make it now too!


  11. Hi Sewers,

    Although old this post reminded me of a similar dilemma I often have. I’m sure you know it…. spotting someone dressed in a fabulous garment and you wonder if there is a similar pattern. I have an image saved on my computer of this frock and have managed to track down its origin: http://www.vogue.it/en/shows/show/fw-07-08-ready-to-wear/philosophy-di-alberta-ferretti/collection/107329

    It looks rather average on the model by Princess Mary of Denmark pulls it off rather well: http://royaldish.com/index.php?topic=3691.msg115709#msg115709

    I love the back view!!

    I wonder if there is any way of finding a similar pattern. Is there by some miracle a website which you can search for such things?

    QB xox


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