Frankly, My Dear …

I think about a dozen of you have emailed me the link to the Ransom Center's restoration project for the dresses from Gone With The Wind — they're hoping to have the dresses restored in time for the 75th anniversary exhibition in 2014. 

Lisa from The Vintage Pattern Library is having a sale to help support the project – 15% off with coupon code SCARLETT. $1 from each purchase will go toward
the restoration project, and Lisa will match every dollar as well! Good
till the end of August, and she will combine shipping from Miss Helene's as
well, if you email her to tell her before you purchase.

Maybe you might get this pattern, in solidarity? (And doesn't the dress seem to match the curtains, in true Tara style?)


5 thoughts on “Frankly, My Dear …

  1. I’ve made up that pattern, and I can’t comment on fit (I never saw it on the recipient), but it certainly turned out pretty. I seem to remember being a bit confounded by some of the details at the back peplum of the jacket, but nothing hair-tearing.

    The skirt is fascinating because they include very specific measurements for all the ruffle panels. As in “Cut four panels 18″ x 42 1/2” or somesuch.

    I suspect the skirt pattern was made by disassembling an example skirt and rather than try to explain “Cut a panel 18 inches tall, the width of your fabric, three panels if you have 45 inch fabric and two if you have 60 inches,” Simplicity just took the measurements as the were. *Much* simpler for pattern instructions. (I, er, winged that part since the ruffles are gathered and I could just make it work.)


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