Welcome to Wednesday


I thought that I had seen (and purchased!) every single vintage pattern with these lines but I either missed this one, or it has been erased from my memory by a team of top-notch dream-infiltrators led by a harried Leonardo DeCaprio. 

I'm not sure about the tame woolly caterpillars around the neck and sleeves of the gingham version, but since they don't seem terribly hairy maybe it means that the weather will be nice enough to wear this all winter. Right? 

I do wish I knew what both the models in this picture are eyeballing. From their eyelines, it's up on a platform or pedestal, and it's also something they don't want to look at head-on. My money is on a nude model who is also in the artist's studio where they are being drawn. What do you think?

(Also, apropos of nothing, Gingham Dress has weirdly modern shoes.)

This pattern is from Sheila at Out of the Ashes, and she's having a sale, starting today (8/25) and continuing through Wednesday, September 1st.  Get 20% off, with coupon code WASHDC. (She's going to be on a trip, thus the sale, but don't worry, she has her laptop with her and will acknowledge all orders …)


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Wednesday

  1. My ancient, passed down, and truly ratty Original Barbie had those shoes glued to her feet. Thus, my love of shiny black forever.


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