If This Fits You, This Is Your Lucky Day

This dress deserves to have the internetism completely spelled out: Oh. My. God.


It's a 1950s olive pinstripe velveteen dress, any one of which adjectives would normally have me reaching for the "buy" button. Sadly, it's not my size (it's B36/W28), but if it's yours, you can find it here.

Here's what Robin (the seller) has to say about the designer of the dress, Mildred Orrick:

"I consider Mildred Orrick to be one of the secret weapons of ‘50s fashion. I think she was responsible for the best work under the Anne Fogarty label, throughout the mid-50s, AND she took over for Claire McCardell’s label when McCardell died in 1957. Her work is much rarer than both of those labels and just as great in design and quality. I'd also compare her to Tina Leser and Nettie Rosenstein."

Looking at the dress, I believe it! 

What's more, it has pockets. I TOLD you this was your lucky day … 

5 thoughts on “If This Fits You, This Is Your Lucky Day

  1. thanks erin! Now I have to put more dresses up in my etsy store. No more Orricks, though…i wish!

    that’s me, with two broken feet, modeling the dress. sigh.


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