Today's Pattern Story: McCall's 6782


Stripes: How many times are we going to have to rehearse this?

Belt: Until you get your back foot right, evidently. Also, your hand is too low.

Stripes: I can't get it up past my hair.

Floral: That can't possibly be your hair.

Stripes: I own it, so it's mine.

Belt: Hurry up and let's get this right. This scarf is gonna leave a welt.

[Director, from offstage: "One more time, girls!"]

All three: I hate the chorus.



12 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: McCall's 6782

  1. Oh,gosh, I am one of that generation. I turned 60 this year and this was when I was 13..oh boy, this sure brings back the memories! Thanks, erin.


  2. Me too – made the dress (with belt) and the top. I’ll be 61 in December, and I’m not sure my taste has matured at all because I still think it’s cute!


  3. Wow…making the unbelted version (especially in a really rowdy, LOUD print) is a SURE way to lose a man!

    Definitely destined for schmattehood.


  4. I had this pattern, too, and made the dress and the shorts several times for my mom and myself. (I don’t have it anymore; it must have fallen apart.)

    Of course, Stripe can’t put her hand up higher. She wouldn’t dare touch her hair.


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