Mad, Plaid, and Dangerous to Know

Lands End Canvas plaid dress

I am verrry tempted by this Lands' End Canvas plaid shirtdress. I've been looking for plaid fabric to make some shirtdresses, but I haven't seen anything I like that isn't an authentic tartan (at a kajillion dollars a yard). This dress is only $80 (and there are many, many LE promo codes for $15 or $20 off purchases of $75 or more).

Lands' End Canvas is LE's new younger line — basically, it's J.Crew-like styles, with LE-type sizing. (Win-win, in other words.) I've bought a cardigan sweater and a short-sleeved sweatshirt from LEC, and been happy with both — okay, I'm only happy with the sweatshirt on a philosophical level, because there's never been a short-sleeved sweatshirt in the history of of either sleeves or sweatshirts that's been flattering on anyone over an A-cup (can you say 'blocky fleece torso"?), but I'm wearing it now and it's very comfy on a rainy California day in front of the computer. 

Back to the dress. It's cute, it has pockets, and if I buy it, it will satisfy my current plaid hankering without requiring me to figure out which branch of my ancestry qualifies me to wear which design. Sounds like a plan to me — what do you think? 


30 thoughts on “Mad, Plaid, and Dangerous to Know

  1. Yeah, if it weren’t so short, I would be buying it ASAP to keep myself from buying the $245 plaid dress Jill Anderson just emailed me about…


  2. Unfortunately, my husband has found a branch of his ancestors with an official tartan. You’re right–those things are past pricey. But he says he’d wear a kilt if it were made in his family tartan! So I keep looking….


  3. My daughter bought one and it is very cute on her. she is 5’5″ and it isn’t too short for her. She says it is suitable for work and going out. On the whole – win-win 🙂


  4. What I like about it is that it looks long through the waist. I also like it with that belt. If it hits just above the knee, perfect.

    The plaid seems a little too subtle for me, though. I am picky about plaids. It reminds me too much of the same print that’d be used on men’s jammies.


  5. I like the dress…..but am over the cheerleader-length skirts for daywear. Even if you have good legs, you don’t always want them to be the topic of conversation everywhere you go.

    Is there a shortage of fabric all of a sudden?


  6. I have to go with the tiny-bit-short opinion. The dress is SUPER CUTE though, and maybe the model IS a bit tall. I’m about to go hunt down my measuring tape and see what 36.5 inches looks like on me…


  7. I recently bought some things from Land’s End for the first time in decades. I was super happy with the price, quality, and classic styling. This dress is adorable and the slightly short factor can easily be fixed with a pair of tights. Super cute!


  8. Get your man in a kilt, dulcet. And Erin, you just wear whatever tartan you like – female prerogative. The real deals are SO pricey – you are right.


  9. If you do buy it, beware the left arm eating monster that might make you it’s next victim. I mean, it’s a nice dress, and this model seems surprisingly at peace with her one arm, however, think of how hard it would be to sew dresses with only one arm! perhaps it’s a plot, if you can’t sew dresses you’ll have to buy them!


  10. I live in Scotland, and we don’t always wear our family tartans – just for kilts and formal dress wear (unless in the forces and then the tartan for the regiment is worn). So don’t worry about forking out massively for your family tartan unless you want to!


  11. I agree with Rachel.

    Also agree with everyone who says the dress is too short. Want the sleeves longer too. Otherwise – go for it!



  12. Before you spring for it, check out the very similar prairie-inspired dresses they have at L.L. Bean Signature. It’s a cool dress. You could also buy it in regular and tall and see which you liked better. I can return Landsend stuff to my local Sears, can you?


  13. The best thing about Lands’ End is you can throw 90% of it in the washer and it comes out as good as it went in. So many of my best basics are Lands’ End. Plus, the dress is cute and you can wear it with flats, heals or boots. Bonus!


  14. I really like this, but I wish it came in petite sizes. I’m sure it would look all baggy in the torso on me (not because I’m thin but because I’m short), and the skirt would hit at a really unflattering point just below my knee.


  15. I’m late to comment, too, but I can also hook you up with a photo of the official McKean tartan pattern. My husband went to Scotland years back and came back with an appropriate necktie. Send me an e-mail! I wanted to keep in touch after TEDxMidwest, anyway!


  16. The local Walmart has right now a bunch of fabric at $5 for 5 yards and I almost picked up a plaid last week. The label on the fabric says it is some sort of rayon/cotton/something else mix that is machine wash warm delicate. I walked out without it last week, but am very tempted to go back for it.


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