Today's Pattern Story (and Sale): Simplicity 2263


Blue: This flu season has been terrible. I've been having to keep handkerchiefs in every pocket. 

Brown: I see that. But you should really wear a hat — bare heads always lead to colds.

Blue: I didn't have a handkerchief earlier … I had to improvise. With my hat.

Brown: Suddenly, I'm not feeling so well either. 

Sheila at Out of the Ashes is having another camping sale, now through Monday — 15% off the patterns at her store, with the coupon code CAMPING. Have at it!

4 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story (and Sale): Simplicity 2263

  1. So those are real pockets up there at the shoulder? Not just decorative details? Seems odd to have a handkerchief up there, but then it might be perfect for your ipod. This pattern could have been ahead of its time.


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