The Dress A Day Dozen Gift Guide: #3 LEGO Dynamo Flashlight

You cannot tell me this is not awesome:

Picture 5

Look at that happy face! Look at that glowy foot! It's a LEGO guy! It's a flashlight!  Or, as Amazon puts it, a LEGO Hand Crank Dynamo Flash Light Torch!

Yes, that's right: no batteries! Crank this little guy up and he glows! 

And: he is under $20. Best. Present. Ever.

[And we're still on the fundraising drive/Secret Lives poll:]

If we reach $1200 in donations by December 25, I will write a new "secret lives" story, that will include the top-two vote-getters below:

4 thoughts on “The Dress A Day Dozen Gift Guide: #3 LEGO Dynamo Flashlight

  1. I have the lego man torch! He is brill. My Dh got it for me last Christmas. The light is VERY bright. you have to watch you don’t flash someone in the eyes.
    Sandy in the UK


  2. oh! I just saw a keychain version of this guy yesterday, and I thought it was so fantastic. (I didn’t take too close a look at it, though, since I saw it in the hands of someone ahead of me in line — not on a shelf.) I’m sure that’s not hand-crank, but still awesome.


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