7 thoughts on “It's Good To Be A Duke

  1. I think my favorite would be the Sleeves of Mystery with the surprise of the knee-high bow in the back…This would be interesting to walk in. No fast steps in this beauty or rrrrrip!


  2. Very lovely! Perfect for swooshing down a long staircase.

    I was peering at some of the Paquin archives the other day – at least, the ones mocked up (partially genuine, I’m sure) behind glass in Bath Fashion Museum’s Behind the Scenes exhibition. Beautiful stuff there for the dress-o-phile. It’s on all year, by the way.

    Now, can I bet that I’m the only DAD commenter who was actually born at Duke University? Not within the library, though, obviously. Just let me know where I can claim my prize, Erin! 😉


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