It's Liberty Time

No, literally:


I have a pretty firm policy of only wearing watches made by watch companies, but it is Liberty, after all … I just wish they had better prints for the bands. (Although maybe it was a brill idea by someone who is responsible for using up the patterns that don't sell?) This blue-rose version is the best, I think, but you can see the whole line here.

Thanks to Kate for the link!


9 thoughts on “It's Liberty Time

  1. I like couple in the large photo………… of course not listed for sale, not that it matters much, I am not a watch person.


  2. When I went to Actual Liberty in March, they had one that was a navy-blue paisley that was just adorable. But I dithered for a day, and when I came back it was gone. So what I decided to do was to buy a slide watch face (something like this, maybe :, and use the small cuts of Liberty fabric that I could afford to make my own! I mean, it won’t have the fabric on the actual face, and that’s unfortunate, but it’s better than not having a cute Liberty watch at all!


  3. I’m so going to to do my own, too! I have a Vera Bradley watch with four interchangeable bands that are looking kinda sad. I’m not too sure about a knot for closure, but I’ll give it a go.


  4. I’m with the previous comments. You can easily make your own bands for a watch with a plain face. And this way you can use your favorite prints and change it to match any dress you want!


  5. Hmmm. Seems kind of expensive, especially given that you have to tie the fabric to secure it to your wrist. Why not dump the watch and just tie some pretty fabric around your wrist? I don’t think you could actually tell the time with this anyway.


  6. So how does one wear it? I mean that it looks like it requires another person to tie it and that is not always an option (for me, at least).


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