Never Fails

So, just as things start turning to fall (here in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) I always find one piece of summer fabric that I just HAVE to have: 


This stuff reminds me of those tubes of frozen colored sugar water that every kid under the age of eight loves. Otter Pops? Anyway, there it was at Fabric Mart Fabrics, and I had to have it. I'm sure you all understand. And they have 21 yards left, at this writing … 

Here's a closeup:


This is going to be … I don't quite know yet. But whatever it's going to be, it's probably not going to be that until next March, at the earliest. Summer fabric is going into hibernation for a few months. 

14 thoughts on “Never Fails

  1. It DOES look like freezy pops! How fabulous. (I just hope that you don’t attract crowds of frenzied children eager to lick your skirt when you wear it.) And I don’t think you should relegate this fabric to summer wear. It would surely act to offset the effects of seasonal affective disorder, no?


  2. I’m with edgertor. This would make a super blouse or a dress or even a crazy bright jacket to wear over a plain black dress. I love it. The overall pattern that creates the wide “stripes” might be a tad tricky to work with.


  3. OMGosh, this is 60″ poplin. here in Texas this qualifies as fall/winter fabric! especially with a black sweater as suggested. maybe a shirt dress with a wide black belt? i love your blog.


  4. Beautiful! I love the colors. I think it would be fine for any season, but then I don’t always pay attention to the “rules” so what do I know? 🙂


  5. Hi Erin,

    Someone mentioned you might be able to point me in the right direction.

    I have a lot of boxes of fabric/swatches/notions/trims and sewing material that I’d like to sell in bulk. I have photos if anyone is interested and am in NYC.

    Much obliged.



  6. OMG!!!! I must have this fabric! Anyone have any idea what it’s called or where I can get some, since Fabric mart seems to be out of it…


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