More Vogue 8728

The sharper-eyed among you may have noticed that I had a new dress on in that picture with Justice O'Connor. I did! It's this one: 

I'm pretty obsessed with Vogue 8728 at this point. For one thing, it's incredibly comfortable to wear. The gathers in the bodice and cap sleeves allow for a lot of range of motion in the shoulders — I never feel as if reaching up to grab something is going to result in a big "rriiiiiiipppp". The skirt's easy to wear, too (especially as I have — as is my wont — added ginormous pockets). 

Here's a closer view of the bodice:


I know one of you lovely readers gave me the heads-up on this fabric, probably two years ago now. (I bought it on eBay, cue Weird Al.) Was it you? Thank you! (Take credit in the comments!)

Side view: 


Back view:

So yeah I've made a few more of these recently. It's my new go-to. Watch for them all this week … 

10 thoughts on “More Vogue 8728

  1. A side zip! I love side zips in dresses. Does anyone know how one goes about figuring out when you can move a back zip to the side? Aside from needing a large neck opening, there’s some mysterious factor about the ease in the shoulders that matters a lot. Just because you can pull it on over your head doesn’t mean that you can cross your arms and pull it back OFF over your head. (Yes, I did get stuck in a dress in the process of learning this. Not fun, but pretty funny to watch, I’m sure.)


  2. I bought this pattern because of you, then I ran right out and bought 8 different fabrics for the pattern! I cannot wait to start! I figured I should probably wash all the dirty laundry before washing my fabric, I am still hoping on that “mother of the year” award.


  3. Do you have any comments on the depth of the armhole? It just seems like it has potential to show off more than a little skin.


  4. Hey, we’re with you: If you like a thing well enough, stick to it. That goes for our V8728 dress. The possibilities are endless. We would love your permission to post your photos on our own Facebook page, May we have your permission?




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