8728, Again

gray ghost plaid dress

Another Vogue 8728. This fabric was from FabricMart, and I bought it because broken plaids don't need to be matched.It's a lovely lightweight silk/cotton mix (silk/cotton: I am helpless before it).


gray ghost plaid bodice closeup

Not as great a job on the side zipper here. Or on the pressing.

gray ghost dress side view

And the back: 


gray ghost plaid dress back

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting installment of "How many copies of Vogue 8728 can Erin make?"

7 thoughts on “8728, Again

  1. I am helpless before a nice Silk/Cotton as well. It’s so much more wearable than fancy silks, but still sews up soooooo nicely. Love it.

    And this is a great fabric! really like the scribbled lines for some of the plaid lines.

    Have you thought about doing a version of this dress in a nice stable, not-too-thick wool jersey? I think that could be really pretty & warm for winter.


  2. You mention pressing…are you ironing things all the time? This is what keeps me from embracing any of the novelty cottons out there. Ironing truly is the source of bad dreams for me. How do you do it?


  3. Wendy, I have a version in progress in a lightweight Liberty wool woven. We’ll see how it goes …

    Hambone, I actually like ironing. (It really helps to have a good iron.) I’ll try to put together a post on ironing soon.


  4. I adore silk/cotton as well. I live in Sydney Australia and it is just soooo perfect for our really hot humid weather we get in summer (linen is also good). How do you launder your silk cotton?


  5. Your dresses look fabulous! I would love to try the pattern, but the gathered bust portion scares me. It seems like a potential area for bigger-busted gals to kind of get “caught up and hang over” the waist/bodice. Any thoughts on that?


  6. I’m so sorry — I bought this from fabricmartfabrics.com and I don’t remember what it was! I think it was a designer bolt end, though. Maybe Marc Jacobs?


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