Today's Pattern Story and Sale: McCalls 5107


Green Dress: If I fix my gaze firmly on the ground over there, I can't possibly be held responsible for anything that's going on to my right.

Blue Dress: Dammit, this propane torch won't light! And the man at the shop guaranteed instant ignition?

Plaid Dress: She thinks she's being so stealthy, but won't she be surprised to learn my dress is made of asbestos fiber?

(Yes, I *have* had too much pie today, why do you ask?)

Today's pattern is from Jen at MOMSPatterns, and she's having a HUGE sale tomorrow for Small Biz Saturday: use coupon code 'smallbiz' when you check out to save  25% This code is good until midnight EST on Saturday November 26, 2011. (PS: This code is good NOW for folks who read Dress A Day …)

8 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story and Sale: McCalls 5107

  1. Turquoise: Thats it. The gloves are coming off. Maybe I can smack some sense into her.
    Green: Do it quickly she’s embarrassing me! Honestly Susan…
    Susan: *baby voice* Yes Mr. Pocketbook? What’s that? I do need a necklace don’t I!

    I just love your pattern stories. ^_^
    Not that I obsessive-compulsively check this site everyday or anything…


  2. My time travel power gave me 4G, and those sad gals have no idea what this means. I’m so awesome in my black shoes and white gloves, poor things.


  3. Roya–now I understand why she has one glove off! Wait until she discovers those special gloves that you can still wear while using your iphone.


  4. Green Dress appears to have some sort of illusion netting at her neckline, giving the appearance of a window into her soul. Which is probably why she’s standing behind Plaid Dress – so no one can see what she’s really thinking.


  5. Erin,Green looks like the dress your Mother made you for the Prom…Square neck, full skirt. Are you sure she doesn’t have the pattern tucked somewhere?


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