Melbourne: It's On


So there WILL be a vintage dress event in Melbourne, at Memoirs Boutique (422 Victoria Street, North Melbourne 3051) on Tuesday the 6th. If you'd like to come, do please RSVP at that link before 3 December, since I think there are only so many folks they can fit into the store! (Thanks to Hachette Australia for setting this up!)

I'm ridiculously excited for this trip to Australia. Can't wait! 

21 thoughts on “Melbourne: It's On

  1. Oh how exciting, Erin!!! But not for me – whilst I will be in Melbourne from Sunday and indeed not so far from North Melbourne I shall be in St Vincent’s Hospital recovering from the major surgery I have been hangin’ out for a couple of months for. Bugger and double bugger! Have a wonderful stay in our pretty city. Goodness, visits from Her Maj, and Our Princess Mary, and now you. Melbourne never has had such a string of famous women!!!
    Hugs, Jasmine


  2. If you have the time, you must check out the State Library of Victoria, particularly the La Trobe Reading Room. It is amazing! (Okay, I found it amazing; I’ve not been in any library like that before.)
    328 Swanston St


  3. Enjoy Melbourne – my second home and one of my favorite places on earth. I’m deeply envious of your visit. Please say hello to her for me.


  4. I heard you speak at the AATE conference on Sunday, and you totally wowed me. I’m already telling everyone I know about Wordnik. Pity we couldn’t get a signed copy of your book 😦 and other way I can get one?


  5. Hi Linda! Thanks so much! As for the books … I signed a very, very large stack of books at both the Memoirs vintage boutique in North Melbourne (they are nicely going to sell them all through the holidays) and at the Dymock’s in the CBD (look at me using Melbournese like a pro).


  6. thanks so much — sorry I missed you, glad you liked the book! I loved Melbourne, hope to get back there sooner rather than later …


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