Big in Japan

Fabric is, don't you know:

That's the Japanese Liberty print I bought in Tokyo, oh, lo these many weeks ago. (If you hadn't noticed, I got a bit behind on blogging there before Christmas … sorry about that.) I bought it at the same place I went to back in 2008 — so glad it was still there! 

It took me a while to choose this — I really wanted something dark, but of course all the spring prints were calling to me. I should have taken pictures of the runners-up, but they were mostly dark ditsy florals. This one has a little more heft to it, and the olive color is just gorgeous. Here, have a closer look: 


Not quite sure what this will be yet, but Vogue 8728 is a strong contender … 


7 thoughts on “Big in Japan

  1. How wonderful that you got to go back to Tokyo! That street is a fabric lovers dream, I went on sensory overload with all the fabric stores there. What struck me was odd was the lack of sewing patterns in Japanese, or English in their sewing stores.


  2. Oddly enough, I was in a HUGE New York City fabric store a few days ago… and maybe I shouldn’t tell you this… that same Liberty print is there! I recognized it immediately, after seeing this post. Has a wonderful, soft hand. Just lovely.


  3. Ooh, that makes me happy! Because now if I cut into this and need a half yard more I just have to make it to NYC, not Tokyo. 🙂


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