Today's Pattern Story: Butterick 3526

The grass is always greener.


Yellow Dress: I wonder what it’s like in there. In the capsule.

White Dress: She looks so vibrant. So alive. So … three-dimensional. It must be wonderful, to be able to feel like that.

Black-and-White Dress: When I get out, I’m definitely going to eat the yellow one first.

9 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Butterick 3526

  1. Back in the days when girls couldn’t afford to buy real dresses, they coveted fashion patterns as if those were the real thing. I had a shock of recognition when I saw this pattern–at one time it was my favorite, the one I dreamed of sewing up and wearing. I was happy to see that it’s stayed as young and cute as ever, unlike myself!


  2. hey gals,
    hard to believe but i actually made this dress in 8th grade. it was a shocking pink solid cotton . the scalloped collar and double -bodice and skirt darts were a stretch for me but ….. i wore it !
    then a couple of months later my friend cathy (older and more well endowed) wore it and the closely trimmed darts popped open at the freshman dance …


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